Weaver - Brown: 2009 Prospects

Hazelwood East High School (St. Louis, Mo.) is used to having outstanding athletes and there will be a couple more in the 2009 recruiting class. It's very likely that Hazelwood head coach Corey Johnson will see plenty of college coaches navigate their way to his office in order to talk to him about athlete Chris Weaver and quarterback Eric Brown.

"We've been very fortunate, that we've had some young men that were pretty good football players and very good athletes," coach Johnson said about the players that came through his program. "Chris Weaver (5-foot-10, 160 pounds) will be one of those guys.

"He plays defensive back and he plays receiver for us. I think he'll be a defensive back at the next level… probably a cornerback. I think his quickness and his ability to make plays on the ball are his best assests, also his recovery speed. He just plays very fast. He has a passion for the game and wants to make plays."

Because of Weaver's athletic ability, coach Johnson uses his all over the field.

"I think he really made an impact in the return game last year," coach Johnson said. "Generally when you bring a sophomore up to the varsity level the physical part of their game isn't really there. He's not the biggest guy, but he's really come on with the physical aspect of his game this year, so he's relatively physical now.

"He's electrifying. He started at cornerback as a sophomore and he had three or four interceptions. We're very fortunate that we have a major Division I player at the other corner. Chris is the one that gets tested now. He definitely gets plenty of work. "

Eventually teams will learn not to throw in Weaver's direction. Until they do, Chris will provide plenty of highlight clips for the college coaches to watch.

"He's getting a good deal of mail from several schools," coach Johnson said. "He doesn't have any offers yet, but he is receiving communication from schools. He's been hearing from Notre Dame. Illinois, Iowa, and some other Big Ten schools have been sending him some things. He's getting things from the Big 12, as well as all the MAC schools.

"He's a very good young man. He's not a vocal leader just yet, because we have some seniors that have been three-year starters, so they kind of take on the leadership role for the team, but he's a guy the team looks to make plays."

Hazelwood East also has a special player on the offensive side of the ball, in the name of Eric Brown (6-foot-3, 175 pounds).

"Eric Brown started at quarterback the last couple games for us last year as a sophomore," coach Johnson said." He had Just under 400 yards in about two and a half games that he played. He did an outstanding job for us, and we're expecting a lot from him this year. We're predominantly a running team, so he's not going to have eye-popping numbers.

"He has the frame to add some weight, so I assume that will happen as he continues to grow. He's grown quite a bit the last few years, so he'll probably continue to do so.

"From a quarterback standpoint, he' has a lot of poise," coach Johnson said. "He's a field general. He's intelligent. He can make all the throws, and he does a good job of leading the offense. He is more of a pocket passer, but he does have a little elusiveness to him."

Like his teammate, Brown is player that has caught the attention of several top programs.

"He receives the occasional informational mail from Notre Dame, so he is receiving correspondence from them. He's also receiving letters from some Big Ten schools and some MAC schools.

"I think his poise, his confidence, and his ability to lead are his strengths. He has the upside to play at a BCS conference school. "

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