Larry Caper: 2009 Prospect

Running back Larry Caper of Battle Creek Central High School (Mich.) has really started to make a name for himself early into his junior year. Caper is receiving recruiting attention from the big-time programs and his head coach, Al Slammer, may need to work overtime in order to fulfill all of the video highlight requests.

Larry Caper (5-foot-11, 210 pounds) is a big blip on the recruiting radar screen. According to Battle Creek Central head coach Al Slammer, all the attention Caper is receiving is well earned.

"He's attracting a lot of attention," coach Slammer responded when asked about caper's recruitment. "I've got a dozen requests for film today. His name is definitely out. We've gotten requests from Alabama, Tennessee, Rutgers, LSU, Penn State and most of the Big ten schools. Michigan and Michigan State have obviously seen something in him, because they've already offered him. That means he's a legitimate kid. He's the total package. He's a great kid. His dad was a record setting running back at Western Michigan.

"We've gotten letters from Notre Dame. Larry has received letters directly from Rob Ianello. They have requested film. It's a highly academic institution, so I think he'd be interested in them."

Wherever Caper lands, the school is going to be getting a very well-rounded student-athlete.

"He's a classic tailback type of player," coach Slammer said. "This will be his third year starting or us. He started with us as a defensive back his freshman year, but this year he's primarily going to be at running back.

"Last year he hurt his shoulder halfway through the year. We could have brought him back for the playoffs, but he was a young sophomore and we had another good running back, Bill Young. [Caper] played six games last year. He rushed for around 500 yards and he scored 60 points.

"He's put together," Slammer explained. "He has good vision that all good running backs have. He can make a move, slash or put a shoulder down…he can do all of those things. That's probably that separates him from others. He has good speed and good quickness.

"We're four games in this year and he's just under 500 yards with five touchdowns. He gets about 15 to 18 carries a game. He'll also come in a play some fullback or he'll move out to the slot to catch the football. He catches the ball real well. He has real good hands.

"He's obviously an outstanding football player, but the real story about Larry is, that he's just a very intelligent young man. He spends half of his day at the math and science center for gifted kids. With Larry you have a great football player who is a great young man.

"He's very low-key. He's very consistent. He's the type of guy you want in there. He'll get after it. He's one of our captains and he's a very good leader. " Top Stories