Is Notre Dame a top 10 team?

<P>Is Notre Dame for real? Are they the 8th best team in the country? Do they deserve such a lofty ranking with their struggles on offense? If you ask the National media, the answer would be no. If they are not worthy of the #8 ranking, I want someone to tell me who is? </P>

Who deserves to be ranked ahead of Notre Dame right now? Miami clearly does. How about #2 Texas who just beat a 2-2 Oklahoma State 17-15 at home and had to hang on for the victory? What about #3 Oklahoma who had to outlast a 3-1 Missouri 31-24 by stopping their last drive in the final minutes. This is the same team that lost 51-28 to Bowling Green. Does Virginal Tech deserve to be ranked ahead of Notre Dame? They barely survived a game against Texas A&M who is now out of the top 25. What about Ohio State? They barely beat a 2-3 Northwestern and had to hang on while stopping the final drive to beat Cincinnati. What about Oregon? They certainly didn't blow me away in their 31-14 win over Arizona. What about Georgia? They had to regain the lead and hang on for dear life to beat a 4-2 Alabama. This would represent the teams ranked ahead of Notre Dame.

Now let's look at those ranked ahead or below whom I don't think can make a solid case. Florida, oops, they lost to Ole Miss and are now 4-2. Tennessee had to use 6 overtimes to beat Arkansas who's only two wins are against South Florida and Boise State. Florida also blew them out. Is Florida State better than Notre Dame is? We shall see very soon. Their defense has looked as bad as Notre Dame's offense but at least Notre Dame has an excuse. How about Washington? Oops, Cal tripped them up. How about Michigan? Notre Dame has already beaten them.

What about North Carolina State? They are 6-0 so far. 6-0 with wins over New Mexico, E. Tennessee State, Navy, Wake Forrest, Texas Tech and Umass, hardly a case for a top 10 team. Wisconsin, oops, Kansas State, oops. I am still waiting for anyone to make a case for Notre Dame not to be ranked in the top 10.

What these talking pie-holes can't seem to understand is that Notre Dame is winning by playing great defense and scoring points with an opportunistic offense. This team believes in themselves and has overcome more adversity than most of these teams ranked ahead or below will face in a year. The Notre Dame defense is creating turnovers when they need them and the Irish offense is taking these turnovers and scoring points. Playing great defense can take you a long way. It certainly has for Notre Dame but these blowhards can't seem to figure that out.

I will be the first to admit that Notre Dame does not have a great offense. They have struggled to score points in every single game. What these people fail to see is this offensive line is coming together. They are opening holes and creating running lanes even when teams know Notre Dame is going to run. Notre Dame had two backs rush for over 100 yards yesterday. This offense will get better.

Is this team lucky or do they refuse to lose or give in? Kirk Herbstreit made a comment yesterday on Game Day inferring that Notre Dame is winning by the "Luck of the Irish." Hey Herbie, has Ohio State been lucky and do they deserve their ranking? Notre Dame certainly wasn't lucky yesterday. The 14-point swing with the "roughing the center" call certainly wasn't luck. Notre Dame overcame bad luck and a huge momentum swing to win this game.

Since when has an interception for a touchdown been considered luck? I thought that was considered a great defensive play. I must have missed the news that the NCAA changed the rule and that the defense cannot score points. I don't seem to see any comments of luck when Oklahoma won their game by an interception that set up the game winning fake field goal. Oklahoma had to use a fake field goal to win that game but I didn't see a comment that they were lucky to win.

I don't see the media questioning whether Texas deserves it's lofty ranking. They were 1 foot away from a tie game. Oh, and they happened to win by an interception in the final play. I guess that wasn't luck and they do deserve to be ranked #2 however.

The fact remains that almost everyone in the "college football expert" business picked Notre Dame to have a miserable season. Many said "Notre Dame will be lucky to win 6 games." Notre Dame hasn't won 6 games yet but it's time for these "experts" to admit they were wrong about Notre Dame. It's also time for these "experts" to admit that Notre Dame is winning games because they are a good team.

Notre Dame is 5-0. They are 5-0 with a walk-on quarterback as their leader at this point. They haven't looked pretty on offense but that is just one part of the game. The TEAM is pretty good regardless of how poor the offense appears. Last time I checked, the voters ranked the TEAM and not the offense. If these voters ranked heart, Notre Dame surely would be #1 at this point and that is the biggest reason they are ranked where they are ranked.

Let's be realistic here. Notre Dame is going to have to find an offense. They are going to have to score some points in future games on offense. They are not the best team in college football. They are probably not in the top 5 teams at this point because of their offensive struggles. I will say that I believe this team can play with anyone other than Miami and they would not be embarrassed. Notre Dame fans have not been able to say that for a very long time. Are they a top 5 team? Are they a top 10 team? I am not sure but they have the right to stake claim to a top 10 position, if for no other reason than nobody else has a reasonable claim to push them out.

My message to Herbie and all the rest of these "experts." Keep picking against the Irish. Keep telling the world that Notre Dame is overrated. Keep believing that they are lucky and that they will be exposed soon. It's so much fun to watch you have to dance around your comments and try to avoid admitting you were wrong. These blowhards have made this season almost as fun as watching this Irish team play. Top Stories