Perspective on a Tuesday

Amongst all the fallout of Notre Dame's 0-4 start, one customer of Irish Eyes set the record straight for me just recently. Amongst all the whining, complaining and witch-hunting Irish fans did and continue to do after Saturday's loss, one ray of sunshine came across my trusty e-mail.

"Mike, I don't understand how we can expect this team not to quit when so many Irish fans have already quit on them."

And there it was…..perspective slapping me and hopefully all of you in the face.

This e-mailer had other nuggets of wisdom. Like:

"I find it funny that we as Irish fans love to go to the boards of other teams and revel in the misery of other teams. We bring their posts back to our board and giggle with delight and call these people morons, yet we do the very same thing."


"These guys should quit trying to be experts and simply do what fans do - support their team and hope things get better.

"Some people call Charlie arrogant. Charlie might be arrogant, but nothing surpasses the arrogance of these guys who think they can tell Charlie how to coach. Charlie, on his worst day, has forgotten more about football than any guy I've seen on a message board."

And another favorite:

"ND aspires to be the best they can be at everything. If it's football, we place expectations on coaches to be the best coaches and recruiters, on players to be the best players, and the team to beat all their opponents. Evidently, as a group of fans, we expect little of ourselves. Wouldn't the proper attitude be to show we are the best fans, who support our team through thick and thin? Right now, things are thin and this team needs encouragement and support, not attacks on the coaches and players."


"Frankly, how can we expect them to make the make the commitment and sacrifices it will take to succeed when, as fans, we aren't prepared to stand behind them and show our support?"

This person also left me with this story and some final thoughts.

"I lived through the Kuharich era - not one bad season but four in a row. It was never like this, and the fans remained very supportive - the best sort of fans you could find. They got on Kuharich at the end, but never turned on the players. It's ugly to watch right now, but I'm going to turn on the game and root for these kids every Saturday, win or lose. Times will get better, but how good those times will be is largely going to depend on the quality of players we can attract, and this public behavior is extremely detrimental to that process. Haven't we proven that already? Although no one wants to take responsibility for the effect of fan behavior on his recruiting - easier to blame Willingham entirely.

"If we really believe there is something special about ND fans, let's prove that through support in bad times. Aren't your best friends the ones upon whom you can rely in bad times?

"We have some very spoiled fans - not sure how they got that way - and they consider winning their entitlement and somehow manage to translate the team's success into their personal success. (However, when the team fails it is someone else's failure.)"

Normally, I'd comment, but I think he said all there needs to be said….. Top Stories