Devon Flournoy: 2009 Prospect

Devon Flournoy is just starting his football career, and if the early results are any indication of his future success, Devon will be a very special athlete. The standout wide receiver from Birmingham High School (Van Nuys, Calif.) is starting to receive recruiting attention from several big-time programs, including Notre Dame.

It is very early into the recruiting process for juniors, but Devon Flournoy (6-foot-0, 170 pounds) is starting to garner a lot of attention, and Birmingham head coach Ed Croson is bracing himself for the onslaught of college coaches.

"He's gotten some mail from Notre Dame, so I know he's on their mailing list," coach Croson responded when asked about Flournoy's recruitment. "He's definitely getting attention. All the pac-10 schools have been in touch. USC has probably been on him the most.

"I'm not sure he has interest in anybody right now. I'm not sure he's really had time to think about [recruiting]. This is all so brand new. His first year of football was last year, so he's really just learning the game.

"He got to our school a little too late to play football as a freshman. He ran track that year and then he came out as for football as a sophomore. He did so well that we brought him up after the second game. He ended up averaging 30 yards a catch and being all-city.

"He's a talent. He's still learning the game. He's athletic. He's strong, he has great hands, and great speed. He has a basketball player's build. When he goes up after the ball, he has a good chance to come down with it. He'll rip it away from the defender. I think he'll catch the ball wherever its thrown to him. He reminds me of Steve smith from USC, except probably faster.

"He's the focal point of the defense. Last week against Notre dame he drew double coverage. They'd put a guy over and a guy under, but we get him the ball.

Coach Croson likes the player that shows up every day in pads, but it's the kid off the field that impresses him the most.

"He's just a good kid," Croson said. "He's a polite kid. He gets good grades, and he takes honors classes. He doesn't need to play football [to be successful], he's got plenty of things going for him other than being an athlete. We'll see how it plays out. If he decides he wants to be a football player, and this is what he decides he wants to do, then he could play anywhere."

Through four games this season Devon has 12 receptions for 202 yards and two touchdowns. as a sophomore Devon caught 22 passes for 623 yards and seven touchdowns. Top Stories