Brown Transcript

Here's a transcript of what defensive coordinator Corwin Brown said on Wednesday after practice:

***On Purdue's offense being a challenge: "They've (our hands) been full every week. It's the same. They have a good quarterback, a good tight end, a good back and a few good receivers. They have a line that does well and they execute."

***On the Boilermakers style of offense: "It's definitely wide open. They spread it around pretty good. They do a real good job of executing what they want to get done. It'll be a good test."

***On the keys to stopping the Purdue offense: "No big plays. You have to do a good job against the run and nothing over the top. That's where you have to start."

***On knowing on defense what to react to: "You have to know what you're seeing. You have to understand, in certain sets, what the threat is. The most important thing, although you can't stop everything, is to be smart. You have to pay attention to detail."

***On Curtis Painter: "I think he makes good decisions. He throws the ball where it should be thrown. You have some guys out here who just drop back and throw it anywhere. He does a really good job of knowing what he sees and when he sees it, putting it in the proper place. That's half the battle if you can do that."

***On Brian Smith and Kerry Neal: "I just like guys that play hard and are hungry. They don't worry about all that other stuff. They go until they hear glass. When the ball is snapped, they go and that's what you like. If we get a bunch of those, we'll be all right."

***On stopping the big play: "We haven't done it nearly as well as we would have liked. But life is never perfect. We didn't want to come out 0-4. More importantly, from what I've learned and our players have learned and our coaches have learned, is that we got good people around here. I've been at a lot of places. I've been around. You take the situation we have right now and you put that situation at other places, it'll be chaotic. Here, everyone has come together and we still continue to learn.

"Through everything we've done, we continue to learn. I've learned a lot from Coach (Weis). I've known him for 15 years and he's been at his best this year. Those are the things, you talk about explosives, sometimes explosives bring out the best because you learn more about your players, scheme and people. That's the one thing I've appreciated since the season has started. I've learned a tremendous amount this year, more than I thought I would learn. I've learned about people and from coach. Those are the things I'm really hanging my hat on right now. Our players understand we've come up short on the things we've asked. We're okay."

***On the difference between game one and game five: "We understand each other better. We know who we are a lot more than game one. We understand what we're doing. I'm better than game one. We put our kids in a better situation than we did in the first game. Everything is a learning experience."

***On avoiding the chaos and keeping it together through 0-4: "It all starts at the top. Coach Weis has done a great job of doing a great a job. Everyone continues to learn and get better. There are a lot of places you can't. We've done well."

***On what else helps this: "We've got good kids. We've got good coaches around here. Coach (Bill) Lewis is a good dude. Coach (Brian) Polian is a little sparkplug. It makes everything easy."

***On David Bruton: "He's done well. The play he made against Michigan State, you won't see a better play from a safety. You go to the league or here, you won't see a better player. It's a play you use as a cutup from here until I'm done coaching. You won't see a better play from the break, the read and the catch. A ton of guys won't catch the ball. A ton of guys won't get there. Everything about that play was perfect. That's where he is with this game. There are still things he needs to work on like every player. But he's made tremendous strides. That should give him momentum to continue to improve. It's almost like the sky is the limit."

***On Bruton's personality on the field: "He's like everyone else. He's a good guy. He wants to do things right and not give you trouble. You ask him to go 100 percent and he goes 105 or 110 percent. That's what we want. Is it always perfect? Absolutely not. But at least you know the effort you know you're going to get and that's what you hang your hat on." Top Stories