Reggie Bush waiting to set visits

<P>One of the top tailback prospects in the country is Reggie Bush. Bush has had a rough start to the season because he hasn't been healthy enough to participate. I spoke with Reggie's Dad Lamar for quite some time to get an idea of what Reggie is thinking at this point. </P>

"Reggie has been banged up. He has a wrist injury right now. He wanted to play so I let him play one game after his injury and he just wasn't the same. I told him that he might as well go through this now so he can be ready when his team needs him the most which will be the playoffs. He will be able to play the last three games of the season and he should be tuned up for the playoffs then."

Lamar said Reggie has been handling it pretty well. "I know he wants to play but it's better to do this now. He didn't expect to be hurt so I suppose there is some disappointment there but he has been taking it well. Once the wrist heals, he will be back to the Reggie that we all know."

I asked Lamar if Reggie has set up any visits yet. "No, he hasn't yet. We just haven't sat down and talked about it yet. Reggie is kind of a last minute guy. He has so much going on that he waits until he has to do something and then he focuses on that and quickly gets it done. He just has so many things going on with school work and his team that he hasn't had time to set his visits. When the time comes closer that he will have to start taking visits, he will start setting them up and taking the visits."

Lamar did say he thought a few schools would get visits. "I know he will go to Stanford for a visit. I am pretty sure he will visit Washington and Notre Dame as well. My wife and I will probably go on two visits with him. We will visit Stanford with him for sure. I don't like to fly so I doubt I will go to the Notre Dame visit. I might try to make it to the Washington visit. I think Reggie will be going with Charles Smith on that visit though. They want both Charles and Reggie."

Lamar also has a preference at this point. "The most important thing to us is the academics. I think some people get caught up in the football but the football is just a bonus and a way to get a good education. Reggie wants to be a doctor or major in sports medicine so we have to look at all avenues there. Reggie is blessed to be able to choose about any school he wants but I kind of like Stanford. I think they have an excellent school there and their alumni support is great as well. Stanford stands out because it's Stanford. Notre Dame is no pushover either and neither is Washington. I am not sure which school Reggie really likes. I am sure he has thought about it but he is kind of a last minute guy. He will take care of it when it needs to be taken care of and he has always been that way."

I asked Lamar when he thought Reggie might have the talent to play division 1 football. "You know, his Mother wouldn't let him play football. I finally talked her into letting him play when he was 9 years old. He had never played before then. In his first game, he scored 8 touchdowns. Here is this little guy running all over the place and I was just shocked at how well he was doing. I am proud of his because he is a humble kid. He is thankful for the talent the Lord has given him and he makes our job very easy. He is good kid and he does his work. He is a good student and he works very hard at that."

Lamar said that he thought Reggie would be waiting until signing day to make his decision. "Knowing him, it will be the last minute. He will wait until the last minute to decide. That's just who he is. He will take all 5 visits, I am sure of that. Reggie has to have all the information before he decides on anything so I think he will wait until the last minute to set his visits and wait until the last minute to decide.

Comments. Lamar is a great guy. I enjoyed talking to him and we talked for quite a while. I think Lamar will get along with Coach Willingham just fine. I think Reggie will also be impressed with Willingham and his staff. I do think Stanford is clearly the team to beat but I won't count out Willingham with any player. Top Stories