Walker Adds Irish To Visit List

Notre Dame has been able to fulfill the majority of their recruiting needs this year, although they would still like to add at least one additional wide receiver. Deion Walker from Christchurch School (Va.) is one of the top receivers in the country and he's certainly one of the prospects the Notre Dame coaches would like to add to this year's class.

Deion Walker (6-foot-3, 185 pounds) has scholarship offers from just about every top program in the country, including Notre Dame. Walker took an unofficial visit to Notre Dame this summer, and he's planning a return trip next month.

"I'm taking my official visit November 3, for the Navy game," Walker responded when asked about his plans to visit Notre Dame. "I want to see a game environment. I've heard a lot about it, but then again I don't know what it's really like. I don't know what the fan base is like, I'm not sure about anything. I didn't get to see the team workout this summer or anything, so I want to see the offense in person.

"I just talked to coach Powlus about three or four days ago. I need to give him a call back sometime tonight or tomorrow. We've been talking about the offense and how they want me to fit into their offense. They want me to help stretch the field a lot more than they have been able to do this year. We talk about how they have the quarterbacks and how they're going to be good in the near future."

Walker did have a chance to watch the Irish back in September, when he took an official visit to Penn State for their game against the Irish.

"I went to the Penn State game," Walker said. "[Notre Dame] had a tough time blocking, but they're a really young team. That isn't a bad thing, because they can work on sacks. Linemen are going to get bigger.

"Jimmy [Clausen] is going to get better. I talk to him a lot and we're pretty cool. He says that they definitely want to throw the ball. Other than that we talk about school and the environment at Notre Dame. I talk to Dayne Crist on a regular basis as well."

The fact that the Irish are receiving one of Walker's five official visits is a very good sign, but Walker still hasn't been able to narrow down his of schools. Besides the Irish, Walker is still considering a number of schools including, Penn State, Florida State, USC, LSU, Nebraska, Florida, Michigan and Tennessee.

"I go to Florida State this weekend, and then I don't have any other visits planned other than my Notre Dame visit," Walker explained. "I really don't have a top five. I'm basing my decision a lot on what I see offensively this year, so I don't want to put it out there yet.

"Coach Weis is a really good coach and he's an offensive genius, so that's a positive [for Notre Dame]. It's not like I'd be going into a situation where I have no idea what they're capable of, because I know he wants to throw the ball and he's proven that in the past."

Walker wanted to play a big role for his team this season, but unfortunately he's suffered an injury just as his season got underway.

"We've been struggling," Walker said of his team's season. "We were 0-3, but we just got our first win. I've had turf toe. I've been hurt since the first quarter of the first game. I played my first game last Friday. I got triple-teamed the entire game, but I had two catches for about eighty yards and a touchdown. I know the touchdown was 34 yards.

"I actually think when they triple-teamed me that it helped our team, because we ran the ball really well. I didn't play any safety, because it was my first game back, but I got upgraded to 90 percent [healthy] today."

As impressive as Deion is on the field, it's the work he does off the field the makes him the compete package.

"I have pretty good grades," he said. "Christchurch is a boarding school and I live on campus with my family. I have study hall from 7:30 until 9:45 everyday except Friday. Every student in the school has to do it, except for day-students. I'm a day-student, but I just choose to do it. I mean, I can't really hang out with my friends, because they're all in study hall. My dad really doesn't have to tell me to do it. I'm going to get it done, and it's a lot easier to do it on my own."

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