Robinson Looking At A State Title

There aren't a lot of prospects that Notre Dame is still pursuing for this year's recruiting class, but based on the play of the Notre Dame offensive line this season, you would have to list Trevor Robinson of Elkhorn High School as one of the highest priorities. Robinson has three schools that he's looking at and Notre Dame is on his list.

Notre Dame needs to get physical upfront, and one of the top offensive guard prospects in the nation is Trevor Robinson (6-foot-5, 300 pounds). Robinson was previously committed to Nebraska, but he has decided to take another look at Notre Dame and Michigan, before he makes his final college decision.

There were rumors floating around that Trevor had settled on a date for an official visit to Michigan, but any visit is still up in the air according to his father.

"We haven't confirmed anything at any point with anybody," Mr. Robinson responded when asked about his son's plans to take official visits. "We're talking about some dates and just seeing how it fits his high school schedule. We're just looking at what is possible, haven't confirmed anything with anybody.

"Trevor's been to a couple Nebraska games, because it's just right down the road, but other than that we don't have anything going on. We haven't done anything about setting up anything and it's all about worrying about the high school schedule first."

Although there are a lot of people speculating on where Trevor will eventually end up, everything is on hold until Trevor's senior season plays out.

"Everything is the same [with recruiting]", Mr. Robinson said. "He's really just talking to the coaches. It's still the same three schools (Nebraska, Michigan and Notre Dame). The coaches from the schools call Trevor once a week. That's really all that's going on. We haven't finalized any type of visits, because that hinges on Elkhorn's season. They're 5-0 right now. They're doing well in their class. We're putting recruiting on hold as the high school season moves on."

Even though Notre Dame has struggled on the field, the Irish haven't faded in this recruiting race.

"Notre Dame has to get the confidence going," Mr. Robinson explained. "I just think that's such a big deal with guys, along with getting the experience. I'm confident that Notre Dame will get it going. A lot of different things are going on at the same time there. They're young at a lot of places. It's not just a guy here and a guy there, it's a total team effort. Its offense, its defense and its special teams… it's the total package.

"I'm sure you can pick out some teams that have one or two young guys out there that are successful, but it's probably not the number that Notre Dame is working with right now. On top of that, they've had some tough opponents. It all comes together to become the perfect storm or something like that."

Another storm is brewing, but this one is in Elkhorn, as Robinson and his teammates surge toward a state title.

"Elkhorn has done really well," Robinson said. "They're a good group of guys and hopefully they can continue to have success. [Trevor] is playing right tackle on offense and he's playing interior lineman on defense.

"The way the Elkhorn system is run, they have a two-platoon offense, so they have two completely different offensive lines and they rotate every other series. He plays every series on defense unless they get a big lead. He ends up playing twice as much defense as he does offense. The coach of Elkhorn has been there 28 years and he's won 260 games. His system has been successful and it's produced results.

"It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out. [The remaining teams] don't have really good records, but that doesn't mean that they can't jump up and give us a good game. You never know what the other team will have. Hopefully [Elkhorn] will move in to the play-offs and get a run at the state final game like they did last year." Top Stories