Kenny Scott sets first visit.

<P>Daytona Beach, FL's Kenny Scott has set his first official visit with Tennessee for January 10th. Scott is ranked the #8 corner prospect on He is off to a great start to the season and is starting to narrow his list down. Will he visit Notre Dame? </P>

Kenny is off to a great start so far. "I have 9 touchdowns so far. My team is 4-1 and I have one kickoff return for a touchdown. I am averaging about 8 yards a carry and I have rushed for 650 yards. One defense, I have 34 tackles and 3 pass breakups. They don't throw to my side often.

Kenny has set his first official visit to Tennessee on January 10th. I asked Kenny if he has narrowed down his list to a top 5. "Not yet but I am getting closer. I have 43 offers so it's taking me a while to narrow that down. Besides Tennessee, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Florida and Florida State are on my list. I am just not sure which schools I will visit yet. I should know that in a couple of weeks. I am getting closer though."

I mentioned to Kenny with his list of 8 schools, only Notre Dame is considered a northern school. I asked if he felt like he would likely stay south. "Well, 7-8 of my eight schools are southern schools. I would say the odds are good I stay south but I am still very interested in Notre Dame."

Kenny also explained why he is interested in Notre Dame. "They just have a lot of tradition. They are known across the country and their players are known and play in the NFL. Their tradition, like the "Play like a champion" sign. I think that is great. I think it would be a great feeling to play for Notre Dame and be a part of that tradition. I am not sure I would go there but I want to see Notre Dame. I would say there is a better than P chance I will visit there."

Comments. Notre Dame has a ways to go with Kenny. First order of business is to get him to visit. I think if he does take a visit, he will consider Notre Dame more strongly. I don't think Kenny has any leader at this point but I do think he would like to stay in the south. If they can get him to visit, they will have a shot." Top Stories