Brennan Williams: 2009 Prospect

The Irish coaches are working hard at identifying the top juniors in the nation that they would like to add to their 2009 recruiting class. Lineman Brennan Williams from Catholic Memorial High School (West Roxbury, Mass.) is one of the top junior prospects on the East Coast and he has a unique tie to the Notre Dame coaching staff.

When Notre Dame hired Charlie Weis as head coach, Irish fans were hoping his NFL experience would attract the top high school football players. That experience certainly has paid dividends, as the Irish have recruited very well under Weis. Brennan Williams (6-foot-6, 255 pounds) is interested in the Irish, but that interest probably has more to do with his father Brent, and his father relationship with a couple of the Notre Dame coaches.

Brent played his college football at the University of Toledo from 1982-86 and then was drafted in 1986 by the New England Patriots where he played defensive end for eight seasons (11 total NFL seasons). In the last few years in New England, Brent worked with Charlie Weis and Notre Dame defensive coordinator Corwin Brown.

"I played a couple years in New England when Charlie was there and I think Corwin was here for a year as well," Brent Williams said of his relationship with the two Notre Dame coaches. "When Charlie left [New England] I think Corwin went with him to the Jets."

Brent has a good relationship with the Notre Dame coaches, but he isn't going to get too involved as the Irish start to recruit Brennan.

"We're letting things develop," Mr. Williams said. "Brennan definitely has some interest in the school. He attended their football camp this summer, so he had an opportunity to meet both coach Weis as well as coach Brown. It was a good experience seeing the school and seeing the campus. We have had some contact from our end. They requested film, so we sent them film. We get quite a bit of correspondence from them. It's basic information on the school and all that. He's just in the process of getting an understanding of the schools that he's interested in, so that he can make the best decision possible when its time to make that decision."

When it came time to choose which football camps he wanted to attend this summer, Brennan didn't need his father's coaxing when he decided to go to Notre Dame's camp.

"Notre Dame is considered one of the most prestigious schools for academics and football, so I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at it," Brennan responded when asked why he wanted to participate in Notre Dame's football camp. "I worked at offensive line and defensive line. The feedback from the coaches was pretty good. They thought that I had pretty good form. They said that they like my attitude. I like to think that I'm a nice guy, but when I step onto the field I'm a different person.

"I really liked Notre Dame. I liked the campus and the feel of the school. I have gotten some letters, but no telephone contact from the Notre Dame coaches. They have invited me out to for the USC game and I think we're going to go that that."

Besides visiting Notre Dame this summer, Brennan took in the Nike combine at Penn State and participated at the Boston College and Ohio State football camps. Although he likes the Irish, Brennan will have a lot of options when it comes time to select his college.

"Right now I'm getting letters from Georgia Tech, Penn State, North Carolina, Virginia, Stanford, Colorado and Boston College," Brennan said. "It's pretty exciting. Boston College gave me the official offer. That was pretty exciting because it is my first offer.

"Schools haven't told me exactly where they want me to play. I play offensive tackle (right side). I think I have good technique and I think I'm pretty strong. On defense I play defensive end. We play a ‘4-3' and sometimes a ‘50'. We switch it up depending on what type of offense we play. I really don't know my stats, but I usually get about four of five tackles for a loss per game."

"I think I'm probably a better offensive lineman, but I really like defense," Brennan explained. "Defensive line is in the spotlight a little more. You're getting the tackles and you're getting the sacks. On offense you're doing a lot of the work and none of the credit." Top Stories