Carlson enjoys visit to Notre Dame

<P>Sometimes you can find out more about someone asking another. That would be the case when I spoke with John Carlson Sr. (John's Dad) last night. John Jr. usually talks openly about his recruiting. John Sr. was very kind in taking almost an hour to discuss his son and recruiting. John Jr. liked his visit to Notre Dame. What are his plans from here on out? </P>

"John and the entire family really enjoyed the visit. I have been to the NC ST NCAA final game where Valvano won the National Championship. I was at the game where Villanova upset Georgetown in the final game. Nothing compares to a game at Notre Dame stadium. It's such a great experience."

John Jr. and his family were also impressed with Coach Willingham and his staff. "He is just an unbelievable man. I don't know what more to say. We were very impressed with Notre Dame."

John Sr. said that John has a plan in place now for the rest of his recruiting. "We have narrowed it down to 4 schools. Notre Dame, Stanford, Minnesota and St. Cloud State. In the next 3-4 weeks, we are going to visit each school either officially or unofficially and then try to come up with a decision. We will be going to Stanford for sure. Minnesota is kind of up in the air. The next couple of home games for Minnesota are Thursday night games. I am not sure that I want John to go to a Thursday night game and then come back and play his game on Friday night. We will have to figure something out there. St. Cloud State is just 45 minutes down the road."

I told John Sr. that I keep telling people that St. Cloud State is a very serious competitor in this and that people don't believe me. "You heard right. They are a very serious competitor. His older brother Alex is a junior there. They are very close but Alex isn't recruiting him to go to St. Cloud State. He just wants John to go to the school he likes the best. John is actually there right now. His girlfriend also goes to St. Cloud State and he is with her. I am a basketball coach and our team has won the state tournament 2 times out of the last three years. We have an excellent team coming back and John really likes basketball. I think John knows that he can play both football and basketball easier at a division II school. He does really like Notre Dame as well. It's an interesting situation."

John Sr. said that they will try to get these visits taken care of very soon. John wants to make his decision soon.

Comments. This should be an interesting race. Does a guy leave his family, brother, girlfriend and basketball for a chance to play for Coach Willingham? Stanford and Minnesota also have a shot in this but I do believe it will come down to these two schools. I think that it could possibly be the first time that Notre Dame lost a player to St. Cloud State. For some reason, I still think John chooses Notre Dame, I could be wrong. Top Stories