Rolando Jefferson: 2009 Prospect

One of the most talented juniors on the West Coast is athlete Rolando Jefferson of Edison High School (Fresno, Calif.) He's an extremely dangerous wide receiver, because he's a threat to go deep on every play. Despite his playmaking ability on offense, he'd like the opportunity to change the game from the defensive secondary.

Edison assistant Tony Perry coaches one of the best secondaries in the country; Arizona commitment Robert Golden, Georgia Tech commitment Brandon Leslie along with juniors, Cliff Harris and Tim McDonald Jr. With all that talent, there is a player on Edison's offense that challenges Perry's secondary every day in practice, and undresses opponents on Friday nights.

"In his class, Rolando Jefferson is one of the top wide receivers in the country," Perry responded when asked about his standout receiver. "He's a legitimate 2-way player. He's a safety and a receiver. He's a special kid. He's so gifted it isn't funny, and the thing is, he's only 15-years old. He's 6-foot-3 and if he grows another inch or two, he'll definitely be a receiver in college. If he stays the same size, it'll be his choice of where he wants to play. He's going to be so good that he can play either side.

"He's a legitimate 4.4-forty guy. As a youth, he ran track and went to nationals. In youth football he scored 70 touchdowns in one season. He's a big kid and he's really athletic. He's gifted. If you throw him the ball, it doesn't matter who's on him, he'll come down with the ball. He has a 40-inch vertical jump. He's in the same class as Percy Harvin, but bigger. He isn't just speed. He's got some special stuff.

"Notre Dame is sending him stuff," Perry said. "Every college is sending him stuff and it's coming from all over. Notre Dame is a school that he'll look at. He's already got offers, and everyone will be on him."

Notre Dame certainly needs a player with Jefferson's ability. Although the Irish appear to have just begun recruiting Rolando, it's likely that they will pick up the pace soon.

"I've gotten one or two letters, but they just started sending me stuff," Jefferson responded when asked if he had been receiving recruiting information from the Irish. "I'm interested in Notre Dame, but I really don't know much about them. I've been watching them on TV. I've liked them for a long time. I'm not going to stop liking them just because they're losing now."

Jefferson already has three scholarship offers and a host of other schools that he been sending him information.

"I've been hearing from a lot of schools," Jefferson said. "Georgia Tech, Arizona and Utah have offered me, but I haven't had an opportunity to talk to the coaches. There are a lot of schools that I'm interested in; I like USC, UCLA, Texas, Florida, and Clemson. I really can't say who I like, it's not just one team. I'm going to look at everybody and I'm going to go where is best for me."

Jefferson will have plenty of options by the time he needs to make his college decision. Although he's putting up big numbers on offense (Five games: 23 catches for 459 yards and six touchdowns), he has a passion for playing defense.

"I play receiver, running back and safety," Jefferson explained. "Schools are recruiting me as a receiver right now, but as of Friday they're going to start recruiting me for defense too. I'm going to play safety Friday night. I've been playing safety all my life. I didn't play it when I moved up to varsity, because they wanted me to focus on one position, but they have me playing it now. I like both receiver and safety, but I like defense more, because I like to come up and hit people."

Friday night Edison will need a big game from Jefferson, as they take on their undefeated rival.

"We're 6-0-1," Jefferson said. "We play Bullard (7-0) on Friday. This is supposed to be our rival game. I wish the game was right now. I'm ready to play." Top Stories