Slaughter Makes Unofficial Visit To ND

Defensive back Jamoris Slaughter from Tucker High School (Tucker, Ga.) had already made his official visit to Notre Dame earlier in the year, but he knew the USC game was a big event, so he wanted to be a part of the weekend. Notre Dame didn't fared very well on the field, but they did well with the recruits that were in town.

It's nice when Notre Dame can get their committed recruits from the area on campus for the weekend, but when Jamoris Slaughter (6-foot-1, 180 pounds) makes the drive up from Georgia for a weekend, it's very important.

"I went up with one of the top guys on my team and one of my coaches, coach Gilbert," Slaughter responded when asked about his trip to Notre Dame. "It was a long drive, but we made it. We left Friday night and got there Saturday morning. Then we stayed Saturday night and left Sunday.

"It was fun, even though they didn't win. I knew USC was one of their big games, so that was another reason I wanted to go up there, I just wanted to get a feel for that. I had fun. I have fun every time I go [to Notre Dame].

" I liked the uniforms," Jamoris said. "I met and I hung out with Robert Blanton and some of the other guys. Saturday night we hung out with Jimmy Clausen, Gary Gray and Armando Allen. I thought they were cool. We all got along. I like all the players up there.

"I know the receiver committed, Mike Floyd. I helped out with that. I just told him that it would be good if he committed and helped us out at wide receiver."

Notre Dame needed a more pop on the field as the Trojans walked away with a 38-0 win. Despite the loss, the recruits aren't down on the Irish.

"I think they need a little more help in the secondary," Slaughter said. "I think the defense is pretty good for the most part, they just stay on the field a little too long and they eventually got tired. I know that they'll get better. I know I'll do my part.

"They're still talking about playing cornerback or safety. When I'm watch the game I try to enjoy it, but I also try to watch my position and see what they do. I'll watch the offenses and try to see what they're doing as well.

"I'm comfortable with the program," Slaughter explained. "I think things will turn around. I'm still with them. I'm really committed to Notre Dame. You don't have to worry about me de-committing. I'm not sure if I'll be making another trip soon, but I know I'll be back for the spring game."

Tucker is having a lot more success on the Field than the Irish are. Last weekend, Tucker had their closest contest of the year, before pulling the game out in overtime.

"We won in overtime," Jamoris said. "We beat Washington 21-14. They didn't score until late in the third quarter. Our defense stayed on the field for most of the second half, and then they caught a couple balls on us. We're 7-0, and next week is our senior night." Top Stories