Robinson Gets Another Look At ND

Notre Dame hosted several highly rated recruits for the USC game. One of the top targets remaining for the Irish is offensive lineman Trevor Robinson from Elkhorn High School (Elkhorn, Neb.) Robinson had been committed to Nebraska, but he's taking another look at Notre Dame and Michigan before he makes his final decision.

Notre Dame has shown that they need to add more quality linemen up front, and one of the best in the country is Trevor Robinson (6-foot-5, 300 pounds). Robinson was at Notre Dame with his father Wade last weekend to watch the Irish. Despite the visit, Mr. Robinson said that Trevor isn't any closer to a decision.

"It was good to go and see the campus again," Wade Robinson responded when asked about their visit to Notre Dame. "He spent time with some of the guys after the game, but he's still thinking through the process. It was good to get another look and that's just part of his decision making.

"I think he's comfortable with the players and coaches at Notre Dame. Trevor is just thinking through the process. He just wanted to get over to Notre Dame and take another look. He said hello to Jonas [Gray] who was over there. He spent some time with some of the guys he met this summer when he was up here in July."

Although many people expect a recruit's decision to be an easy one, that isn't the case. There are always a number of factors that weigh into a decision.

"Everything will go into his decision," Mr. Robinson explained. "It's social, academic, football… it's the whole thing. It isn't what the team is doing this year, because things will change. But we've talked about what will go into his decision and it's everything really. We've talked about it, and that's what he's looking to factor into his decision making.

"I don't know what the situation at Nebraska will be, so we're just waiting to see what they will do at the end of the season. From what other guys are saying that committed to Nebraska they're just trying to wait and see. I think they're thinking the same thing. I think kids look at the programs and the relationships with the coaches that they've built up. That is a factor, but there's not one single factor. I think all the kids out there want to being comfortable with all the coaches and they work hard to develop those relationships. To know them and have those relationships is important, but you have to step out of that.

"What we've talked about is that you have to make a decision that is more about the institution and the academics and all of those things," Mr. Robinson explained. "By the coaches choice or the institutions choice, that coach may not be there. You see it all the time. A highly successful coach has an opportunity, while another might struggle and not end up being there. That's a business deal. It's one of many things that will go into the decision, but we've talked about not making that relationship the most important part of the decision.

"There are so many great programs, and so many great coaches, and so many great facilities… until you've gone to the schools and had an opportunity to see everything from the inside, I don't think people can appreciate the competitiveness of the different programs, and institutions. This is a obviously a great opportunity for Trevor and it's about him finding the right fit and not looking back. He needs to be comfortable and get the best fit." Top Stories