Caper Visits South Bend

Notre Dame recently landed Detroit, Mich. running back Jonas Gray in the 2008 recruiting class. Now they're setting their sights on another star Michigan player, 2009 running back prospect, Larry Caper.

At 5-11, 210 pounds, Larry Caper is already known as one of the state of Michigan's top prospects for the 2009 recruiting season. The Battle Creek, Mich. native recently visited Notre Dame for an unofficial visit, and we caught up with the junior prospect to get his thoughts on his first trip to South Bend.

"I like the facilities and the campus," Caper said of his visit to South Bend last weekend to watch the Irish play USC. "That was my first time at Notre Dame. It was real nice. I liked the people there. I felt real comfortable there.

"I liked how they had the walk from the church to the stadium and all the people were there cheering. That was nice."

The star running back said he got to meet a couple of Irish coaches while visiting the school.

"I talked to coach Ianello and coach Brown," Caper said. "Coach Brown and I talked for a little bit. He gave me his card. I spoke a bit with coach Ianello. They told me they wanted some film. Coach Brown is coming up here this Thursday, so I'll give it to him then."

The Irish are not the only school interested in this top prospect.

"I have offers from Michigan, Michigan State and Western Michigan," Caper said. "I get a lot of mail from teams all over the country. "

"I haven't really given it too much thought," The Battle Creek Central high school star said when asked about how he plans to handle his recruiting for next year. "I'm still going through my football season, and I want to stay focused on that. I'm getting a lot of mail from a lot of schools. I'm trying to keep it real low-key right now so it won't affect my season."

Speaking of his season, the junior running back is having another outstanding season so far in 2007.

"I have 1,350 yards and 14 touchdowns I think," Caper said about his stats this year. "That's at the end of the ninth game. We're 6-3 right now. We're just getting ready for the playoffs."

What type of back is Caper?

"Somebody said I remind them of a young Shaun Alexander," he said. "I'm not really a lightning back or a power back. I'm kind of in between. I have both speed and power. I think I set up my blocks well. I think my vision is probably what I do best."

Caper, who carries a 3.8 g.p.a., says he's not in any hurry to end the recruiting process at this time.

"I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'm just really kind of learning the process right now. I'll probably take some official visits.

"I just want to be comfortable because I have to be there four or five years. I just want it to be a home away from home. The education is important. I just want it to be comfortable and everything else will fall into place."

Will the Irish be one of his top schools next season?

"I really don't know enough about them yet," he said. "That was my first time being there and it was comfortable. I'll get to know more about them in the future. I really don't know enough about these schools to know how much interest in them." Top Stories