Texan Visits Irish

Notre Dame continues to add to prospects to their 2008 recruiting class, but the Irish staff does have one eye toward the top juniors. Offensive lineman Kelvin Jackson from Hightower High School (Sugar Land, Texas) is a prospect the Irish are going to take a look at for the 2009 recruiting class and he appears to be interested in Notre Dame.

Notre Dame hosted several top juniors for the USC game and several of them came from a long distance. According to Hightower head coach Gene Johnson, Kelvin Jackson (6-foot-4, 250 pounds) was one of those players.

"It's my understanding that he took a visit up to Notre Dame this weekend with his family, but I haven't spoken with him about it," coach Johnson responded when asked about Kelvin's visit to Notre Dame. ""We're in Houston, so we have a lot of schools come through here asking about him. I don't keep up on exactly which schools they are, but he's had a number of colleges asking about him. I haven't spoken with the Notre Dame coaches about him yet, but they've sent plenty of mail to him though.

Coach Johnson has seen anumber of top prospects work their way through his program, and he definitely feels that Kelvin has the ability to make his mark at the college level.

"He's a real good player," Johnson said. "He's an athletic kid, he's an active kid, he's intelligent and he's smart. Kelvin is a talkative kid. He has an outgoing personality. He's just a good kid. He just goes about his business on the field though. We're trying to develop that nasty streak in him. I think it comes with age, when they get older.

"He played varsity as a sophomore year. We kind of blended hi in throughout his sophomore year. He's plays offensive guard for us now. I think center is probably where he'd be best suited, because of his leadership and his athleticism. I think the center has to be a quick kid that's athletic and I think he's a perfect fit there.

"He actually can play all five positions on the offensive line for us," Johnson explained. "He has athleticism; he can get out and block in space. Kelvin is a really mature kid for his age. He's a tough hard-nose guy. He understands the game. He's a really good player. He's a very intelligent kid, with a really solid academic background.

"He could play either side of the ball. We may use him on the defensive side his senior year on the defensive line, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. "

Although college coaches will be streaming into his office, coach Johnson's goal is to make sure his player improve game by game.

"We're doing pretty solid this year and I think the kids are playing really well," Johnson said. "My focus right now as a high school coach is to make sure he has the best junior year that he can and then we'll let the college coaches worry about where he fits and all that. Again, my focus is on helping these kids play as well as they can right now and we'll let all of that other stuff take care of itself. We're not trying to speculate on where he'll end up playing or what level he'll end up playing at this point.

"I don't think Kelvin has a favorite team at this time. I think he'll look at all of his options."

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