Deion Walker Returns From Notre Dame

Deion Walker from Christchurch School (Va.) is one of the top receivers in the country and he's certainly one of the prospects the Notre Dame coaches would like to add to this year's class. Walker has scholarship offers from all of the big programs from around the country, and he made an official visit to Notre Dame for the Navy game.

Deion Walker (6-foot-3, 185 pounds) made his first visit to Notre Dame over the summer, but he wanted to take another look at the program. Last weekend, Deion and his parents made the trip to South Bend (Ind.) to get a feel for the atmosphere during a home football game.

"It was a really good visit. It all went well…definitely," Walker responded when asked about his official visit. "It's not a matter of them being 1-8. I can't look at their record this year, I have to look at what they'll be like next year and a few years after that. I think they're on their way up.

"I go there about 11:30 a.m. and the game was at 2:30 p.m., so I didn't have time to do a lot of things before the game. I did get a chance to meet with coach Ianello and coach Powlus. We went over film and what they planned on doing in the game. Coach Powlus is my recruiting coordinator, but all the coaches are cool guys."

Although the Irish fell short on the field, Walker enjoyed the atmosphere on campus and the time he spent with the players afterward.

"The atmosphere [on campus] was really cool," Walker explained. "The students called me up into the student section when they scored 21 points and through me up in the air, that was pretty cool.

"Jimmy Clausen was my host. I got to meet Darius Fleming, Steve Filer and Braxston Cave. They all hung out with us after the game. We hung out with some of the players after the game too. I met Armando Allen, Gary Gray and all of those guys. They're all real cool and down to earth. They all made me feel really comfortable. We talked about the things that they went through during recruiting. They're all looking to the future and they all think things will be real good."

On Sunday the recruits have a chance to meet with various academic advisors. Deion had already gone through this portion of the visit, but he felt it was important for his mother to see what Notre Dame offers.

"I had spoken with the academic people when I made the earlier visit to Notre Dame," Walker said. "It was the first time my mom saw it, and she said she had a good time and she liked what they had to offer."

Deion finished his high school football season last Friday and will now have the more time to dedicate to his recruiting. Walker has now made official visit to Penn State, Florida State and Notre Dame.

"My next official visit will probably be to Southern Cal and that will be on December 1," Walker announced. "I'll probably do a couple of unofficial visits between now and then.

"Notre Dame is still definitely near the top. I had a great visit. I enjoyed everything that the school has to offer, so I like it a lot. I think both my parents had a really good time. Overall I'd have to say that we all had a really good time." Top Stories