Corner remains interested

Tarell Brown has already visited Ohio State. The corner/tailback prospects is having a great year for his 6-0 team. What teams does he plan to visit with his 4 remaining visits? </P>

Tarell is having a great year so far. "My team is 6-0 right now. I have over 1200 yards and 21 touchdowns. I also have 2 interceptions on the season."

Brown has already visited Ohio State. I asked Tarell what he thought of that visit. "It was great. It's a big school. The stadium is huge. They have great tradition and the fans support the coaching staff. I felt real comfortable there and they really seemed interested in me."

Tarell is mainly focusing on his season right now so he is not sure when he will set the remaining visits. "I really don't have a plan on that yet. I have been focused on my season. I want my teammates to know I am committed to this season and that is more important than recruiting right now. We are 6-0 and we want to win the state championship."

Tarell did say that Texas, Florida State, Notre Dame, Michigan and maybe Texas A&M are still being considered for a visit. Tennesse and Florida also have a shot.

I asked Tarell why he is interested in Notre Dame. "It's a great school. The education is fantastic and you can write your own ticket with a degree from there. They have great tradition at that school as well. I really like their defense and the way they play. They play with passion. Coach Mattison has been a great guy to talk to. I haven't spoke to coach Willingham yet. He is supposed to call me soon."

I asked Tarell if he watches a lot of football and what he is looking for when he is watching a team. "Yeah, I watch a lot of football. I watch the corners and the safeties a lot. I watch the whole defense usually. I look to see if the defense is playing with enthusiasm. That is how I play. I want to go to a school where the entire defense is excited to be out there playing the game."

Brown said he would likely set up the remaining visits sometime in November. He said he would try to get his decision out of the way as soon as possible. "I know there are a lot of good players out there besides me. Once I find the right school, I will go ahead and commit. I don't want to play any games. I want to assure myself a scholarship and get it over with."

Comments. I think Notre Dame has a good chance to get Tarell. They will have to bring him in early because I am not sure how many corner scholarships they will have left in the near future. He hasn't spoken to Willingham yet and still shows a lot of interest. Tarell is a good guy and a straight-shooter and I really like that about him. Top Stories