Linebacker setting visit to Notre Dame

<P>Alabama linebacker Mitchell Thomas was rumored to have committed to Alabama. Thomas says he is not committed to Alabama and will take other visits. Notre Dame will be one of those visits. </P>

I spoke with LB prospect Mitchell Thomas for a while last night to get an idea of what he plans to do. "I am not committed to Alabama. I like the school. I enjoyed my visit there but I am not committed to Alabama. I plan to take some more visits."

I asked Mitchell if he knew which schools he would visit. "I am in the process of setting up visits with Florida and Notre Dame right now. Both schools have to send me some information on possible dates but I will visit those two schools."

Thomas is also considering South Carolina, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Georgia. All of his top schools have offered him except Georgia at this point.

Mitchell said he will likely take all 5 visits. "I am looking for a school that is the best school for me. I will take all 5 of my visits so I will know which school is the best school for me. Everybody is even right now and I should have a better idea of who my leader is after taking my visits. I will probably commit sometime in January."

Comments. Mitchell's team is 3-4 right now so the playoffs look unlikely. That should make him available for December 6th. I will check back in a few weeks and see if he set his visit to Notre Dame. I don't think we will know much about Mitchell's thoughts about Notre Dame until after he visits the school. Top Stories