Robinson Enjoys Visit To ND

For the last home football game against Duke, Notre Dame likely hosted its last recruit. Athlete Gerell Robinson from Hamilton High School, (Chandler, Ariz.) was in town to get a look at what the Notre Dame football program has to offer.

It took Notre Dame a little time before they offered Gerell Robinson a scholarship, but once they did, Gerell started looking for a date to make his official visit to South Bend (Ind.) Robinson and his teammates are working toward their second consecutive state title, so there weren't any free weekends. Nonetheless, Robinson made time last weekend as the Irish closed out their 2007 home schedule against Duke.

"Things went pretty well…It was fun," Robinson responded when asked about his official visit to Notre Dame. "It was real cool. I met the coaches, the players and all the recruits, I really enjoyed myself. My host was Duvall Kamara. Me, Duvall, Gary Gray, Jimmy Clausen and Kyle Rudolph hung out after the game.

"All the players were really cool. Everybody was on the up and up. Even though the season isn't going the way they want it to go, they're still out there working and they're keeping their heads up. They're playing a lot of young guys and I think they know that and they know that the future looks pretty bright."

Although Gerell was born just down the toll road in Gary, Indiana, this was his first visit to Notre Dame.

"The campus was beautiful," Robinson described. "I'm not sure what I expected, but I really didn't expect it to be as nice as it was. It was probably bigger than I expected, and everything was put together well. I felt really comfortable there and everything is really beautiful. Everyone on campus was nice. I really liked it."

With the Irish struggling to get to the end of the season, Robinson was surprised by the fan support the players receive.

"Everyone was into the game," Robinson explained. "The student section was doing all their chants and everyone was into it. Even though it was only Duke, the whole crowd seemed to be into the game. A lot of the people were doing push-ups, but I decided not to. Kyle Rudolph got up there though."

After getting a feel for the atmosphere and getting to know they players, there was business to discuss. On Sunday, Gerell and coach Weis sat down to discuss where he fit in with the Irish program.

"I talked to coach Weis for a half an hour and it was real cool," Robinson said. "I got a feeling for what they were all about. He said they were coming out the week after they play Stanford. He was real straightforward about everything. He said that he'd play the best players that gave them a shot to win. I appreciated that.

"He said that all the receivers are pretty young. Hopefully I'd be able to get in there and compete. I'm not saying that I will go in there and start, because that wouldn't show much respect for the guys already there, but I think I have the ability to come in and contribute right away.

"I spent a lot of time with coach Ianello. He told me about their scheme and everything. He showed me their depth chart and what type of plays they run and what type of formations they have and where they see me fitting in. Everything made a lot of sense.

"I think I got most of my questions answered," Robinson said. "My dad was supposed to come on this trip with me, but that didn't work out. I know he has some questions, and he'll be able to ask them when Notre Dame comes out in a few weeks.

"I still have a couple more visits I'd like to take. I don't think I'll take all five visits, but I do want to make sure that I see all the schools that I want to see, so that I make the best decision I can. My visit to Oregon was really good, and I thought this visit was really good. Right now I'd say that they're both pretty even.

"I'd like to have my decision done sometime in December or early January," he added. Top Stories