Crist Moving On

Five-star quarterback Dayne Crist's season didn't end the way he'd hoped. An injury sidelined him for the biggest game of his high school career, and his Notre Dame high school team lost their rival game, but the senior QB is ready to move on to the next step in life.

"It was pretty devastating, the way the season ended. It was kind of a big shock," said Dayne Crist. "It's frustrating, but you've got to be mentally tough and get past it."

Dayne's high school team lost their rival game against Crespi high school, home of Crist's futute teammate and friend, Jospeh Fauria. Crist and Fauria had been looking forward to this game for awhile as friends, and unfortunately, the quarterback had to sit out due to injury.

"You've kind of got to let him talk," Crist said of Fauria. "I can sit here and say if I would've played things would've been different, but that just makes me an excuse-maker. You've just got to take it, give him credit and just move on. We've talked, and it's been fun, but I'm still kind of bitter we're not playing. But you've just got to wish him luck and wish him the best as a future teammate."

The Sherman Oaks, Calif. native has officially moved on starting with an in-home visit from future head coach Charlie Weis and Irish assistant coach Brian Polian.

"It went very well," Crist said of the Weis visit. "It was nice to see him again. W e had a great time. My family and I had a great time with he and coach Polian."

"We have a really great relationship," he said of Weis. "He obviously carries on most of the conversation, but you just feel real comfortable the minute he walks in the door. He makes things really easy on me."

Weis and Crist know each other well and speak every single week on the phone since his commitment. There's only so much football a guy can talk about, so this visit was a bit different for the Crist family.

"This visit was more of a bonding type of situation," Dayne said. "It was a very personal visit. It was with the families and we shared a lot of experiences with each other. We still talked about football, but there was a lot more about life and family and what everyone was all about."

Weis also visited fellow Notre Dame high school teammate and Irish commitment Anthony McDonald and the three of them met up at the school where Weis made a big impression.

"When he first walked in, I was on office duty," Crist recalled. "I have that duty as a senior. Anyway, he walked into the office and a bunch of people's jaws dropped. He kind of walks in real nonchalantly, and I guess people didn't expect that. I guess it's kind of a big deal if you've never met him before. He was walking across campus with us and it was all eyes on coach Weis. It was pretty funny."

The Army All-American Bowl participant said it was real treat to have the head coach of the University of Notre Dame in his home.

"It was a great visit because it was different," he said. "It was more the human side of things and about family. He and coach Polian really made it a fun night. We all enjoyed it."

The 6-foot-5, 225-pound quarterback will now turn his attention to getting ready for the Army All-American Bowl and his career at Notre Dame.

"I'm going into a pretty rigorous off-season workout program right now, and a nutrition program," he said. "I started that on Monday, so I'm really excited about that. I'm just trying to stay in shape and trying to be in the best possible condition I can be in on the day I arrive at Notre Dame."

"I'm completely fine now. I'm healthy," Crist added when asked if he was fully healthy from his injury that ended his senior season.

Crist also will be on Notre Dame's campus next weekend as the Irish hold their annual football banquet. He'll be in town on his only official visit.

"We're going to have 14 committed guys up there plus Trevor Robinson," he said. "That will be a lot of fun. I can't wait. Every time I go back I feel so much at home. I just remember all the reasons I chose Notre Dame. I'm really excited, me and Anthony both. We talk about it every day. I can't wait to get up there meet some more of my future teammates and have another great weekend there." Top Stories