Notes from the big screen

<P>Let's see one pizza, one poorly written song on my guitar, and two room-clearing bombs by my best friend. One crock-pot full of meatballs and little smokies, three Taco Bell steak tacos, 5 diet cokes, 8 Nebraska fans leaving shaking their heads in wonderment and too many beers to count. </P>

Notes from the game and games watched on my sofa, shown on my big screen and my trusty 20-inch Sanyo (are they still in business?).

No first round pick?

If Cedric Hilliard continues to play the way he has played this year, I can't imagine anyone passing on this player. That first round pick comes after NEXT year Ced, don't leave this team. Big Ced left Colorado Springs with 7 tackles, a billion penetrations into the backfield and Chance Harridge with his foot in his mouth. Can he still run with one foot in his mouth?

Is it just me?

If Air Force is this bad, how bad is Navy? Air Force seemed to have a real chip on their shoulder as well. They clearly didn‘t have a "Chance" or anyone else who could put a scare into the Irish defense.

This just in

Darrell Campbell and Ryan Roberts are not that far off Cedric. Campbell will get drafted pretty high I would assume when he leaves. He really has become a great player this year. Ryan Roberts will find his way on a NFL team as well. Might not be a high draft pick but he will make a team. Kyle Budinscak has drastically improved as well.

Tis a shame

Anyone wish some of those who have just graduated had a chance to be a part of this? I sure wish guys like Weaver, Fisher and Driver could have been a part of this.

Who let the "Futzer" back in?

I thought we got rid of the "Futzer" with the graduation of our last kicker. The "Futzer" impersonates previously good kickers while futzing up the game. Why can't we get rid of the "Futzer?" Jim Sanson and Nick Setta are both good guys. Setta is starting to look a lot like Jim. I hope I didn't curse Nick by naming him our "Rock." I hope Nick can overcome this because we are going to need him this year. Nobody is pulling for Nick harder than I am. He is a great kid but the "Futzer" has got to him too. You will make the next one Nick.

No first round pick II?

Safeties rarely become first round picks but one of the best in the country is Gerome Sapp. Sapp had 10 tackles, 2 for loss and played outstanding fundamental football. Sapp has become the player we all hoped he would. Nobody is happier for this "good guy" than I am. Congrats to Gerome and please come back often. You will be missed next year.

Irish Offense Explodes

Notre Dame moved the ball at will against Air Force. They pushed the Falcon defense around like the better Irish teams of the past. Don't be fooled or over confident by the success. Notre Dame has yet to prove they can push any good defense around. The team is improving but they have a long way to go yet.

The good news is that Carlyle Holiday is throwing the short passes much better. The bad news is that he still appears indecisive when throwing the football. It's a work in progress and Holiday is improving. Those calling for another QB should give Holiday some credit. Did anyone wonder why he wasn't running the ball more? I know they want him to stay in the pocket and go through his reads but when it's clearly there, he should take the yardage. Holiday has shown progress however and seems to be getting more comfortable in the pocket. He trusts his offensive line more and more each week.

Mad Props to Arnaz Battle (just for you Across).

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for Arnaz Battle. The poor guy has had 4 grueling years of frustration and is now becoming the player we all knew he was. Can someone PLEASE pick up a block downfield so this guy can score? He is always one inch away from scoring.

Jeff Faine and his buddies gaining some attitude

Is it just me or is this offensive line starting to walk (and talk) with the same swagger as the defense? I am not sure it's warranted yet but I sure like to see it. Believing you are good is half the battle. I think we will see better offensive line play from here on out. Did you notice the backs also are blocking better?

Will the real Ryan Grant please stand up?

Who is Ryan Grant? Is it the guy we saw this week running very hard and very fast against Air Force and also against Michigan or the guy we saw lumbering against Pitt and Maryland? Grant has been banged up all year but I sure hope it's the guy we saw last night. He could be a very good back if it's that guy.

I got an idea!!

Maybe if we cut Shane Walton's hair, we can pawn him off as another soccer player that walked on. Shane might not be a first round pick but I am going to bet he plays like one when he gets to the league.

Three cheers for Whitey

Chris Yura and Mike McNair got their first carries of the year. Yura gained 7 and McNair gained 12. Both players have worked VERY hard during their careers and it's great to see them get a carry. Maybe they can get a few more before the year is out. I about fell out of my chair when both got a carry. Thanks staff for recognizing their hard work over the years.

This Just In II

Nebraska is not a good football team. They look a lot like a team I had to suffer watching last year. Some changes need to be made.

This Just In III

As bad as Nebraska looks, Michigan State might be worse. Both teams have talent, they just don't have the chemistry. It's eerily familiar.

I can't believe I am saying this

I have never been a big Chris Simms fan. He doesn't win the big games but he has guts. He has taken some serious shots this year by nasty defensive linemen and he still gets up and battles. It's easy to dislike the "Golden Boy" but I have to give him credit, he is one tough kid. He might not be as good as many projected but he has nothing to be embarrassed about.

I thought Michael Bishop graduated

Kansas State quarterback El Roberson has one amazing arm. Have you ever seen this kid throw? Just like Bishop, he is erratic at best. Boy can he run though. If they could ever get this kid to be consistent, he would be equally as deadly as Michael Vick.

Falcons Win!!!!

Urban Meyer had everyone hurt, his team was down, they came back to take the lead, lost the lead and won in double overtime. Anyone get the feeling the young Jedi won't be around much longer? Mr. Meyer is going to get some interesting phone calls at the end of this season. Two phone calls he CANNOT take are from Nebraska (ever) and Michigan State. I don't ever want to play an Urban Meyer coached team.

What do I know anyway?

Anyone notice that the two coaches I have been praising the last few years both lost yesterday? Mike Belotti can coach, his defense can't play. Dan McCarney is still a great coach with an average team.

Can I change my mind?

Can I change my pick for best coach in college football? I have always been a big Bob Stoops fan. His defense always shows up in the big games. He just needs to worry about the little ones like Oklahoma State. I still like Belotti but a newcomer is Tedford at Cal. Keep an eye on him. Top Stories