Robinson Is A Regular Destination

With the way the Notre Dame football staff has hit the road recruiting since the last game of the season, the Irish coaches have definitely racked up a ton of frequent flier miles. And at least once a week, somebody is stepping off the plane into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Four-star recruit Gerell Robinson, from nearby Chandler, Ariz., has been getting a lot of Irish love lately.

"I would agree," he said. "That does standout definitely. Coaches are coming in every week to talk to me, so that says something. And me being the only Arizona kid they've offered and is a prospect, so they are coming out of their way, that really stands out."

On Monday, it was Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Haywood, and defensive line coach Jappy Oliver dropping by Hamilton High to see Robinson.

It was Robinson's first time getting some one-on-one time with Haywood. Oliver, who's been out a couple times over the last few weeks and seen Robinson on a consistent basis, chipped into the conversation here and there.

"This was the fourth time in three weeks I've seen Notre Dame coaches, so I've had all my questions answered," the 6-foot-3, 210-pound Robinson said. He also made an official visit to Notre Dame for the Duke game, and is still considering Arizona State, Tennessee and Oregon.

"It was real cool, I liked his style," Robinson said of Haywood. "He was a delightful guy with high character. He said I had high character and that they only recruit kids that have that. He said my parents raised a very good young man, and I said that was admirable for him to say that.

"I met him in South Bend, but I actually got to sit down and talk with him on a one-on-one level so it was cool. He sees me excelling big time in their pro-style offense."

Haywood, a 1986 graduate of Notre Dame, also told Robinson what the school has done for him.

"He said Notre Dame has helped him in the past 21 years since he graduated in more ways than he could imagine," Robinson rehashed.

Though Notre Dame has been by the most to see Robinson of his favorites, the other schools have also made a presence. He is still trying to make a decision, and one might not come until the day of the U.S. Army All-American game in San Antonio, Texas, on Jan. 5.

"It's tough," Robinson said. "A few of these schools rival each other and they have so many pros and so little cons. I think I'm just going to let it play out for a few more weeks.

"Hopefully I'll have an idea before I go out there of where I want to go. That's what I'm praying on."

When Notre Dame isn't sending a representative out to see Robinson, they're keeping in touch by phone. Head coach Charlie Weis talked to his father at length on Sunday.

"He talked to my dad yesterday for quite awhile," Robinson said. "I've talked to him a couple times in the past three or four weeks."

Robinson's parents weren't able to make the trip to South Bend when their son did, so the Irish coaches have been building a relationship by coming out to see them and by calling them.

"They like them, they're a good group of guys," Robinson said.

Is he expecting to see another Notre Dame coach soon?

"I wouldn't doubt it, but I haven't heard anything yet," Robinson said with a laugh. Top Stories