Two-Class Look

I'm a two-class guy. One elite recruiting class won't get you to the promise land. Most coaches need at least two excellent classes, and usually three, to restore a program with elite talent to play with the best teams in the country.

So I like to look at recruiting success in a two-class window. If you look at the Irish, and their 2007 and 2008 recruiting class, you'll see a lot to get excited about.


2007: Jimmy Clausen 5-star—Army All-American
2008: Dayne Crist 5-star----Army All-American

Comments: You simply can't do better than this. Two outstanding prospects. Head coach Charlie Weis has to be able to develop at least one of these elite prospects. Accuracy is Clausen's game. Size, speed, arm strength, leadership, all the intangibles for Crist. One of these guys is going to be a star, and probably both.

Running Back

2007: Armando Allen 4-star
Robert Hughes 4-star----Army All-American

2008: Jonas Gray 4-star----Army All-American

Comments: Three excellent backs. Each can do something different. You have the speed with both Allen and Gray, and the size with Hughes. Both Hughes and Allen have already shown they've got vast potential. Gray appears to run better between the tackles than Allen. Three excellent prospects.

Wide Receiver

2007: Duval Kamara 4-star----Army All-American
Golden Tate 4-star-----Rivals Offense-Defense All-American

2008: John Goodman 4-star-----Army All-American
Michael Floyd 5-star----Army All-American

Comments: Kamara and Tate have already shown their potential on the field. Adding Goodman and Floyd brings both size and speed to the roster. The most important thing is the upgrade in speed Notre Dame has gathered here. This group of four is probably the best group of receivers, based on potential, that Notre Dame has had in a very, very long time. And, they're not done yet.

Tight End

2007: Mike Ragone 4-star
2008: Kyle Rudolph 5-star—Army All-American
Joseph Fauria 4-star

Comments: Again, it would be very hard to do any better than this group of three. You have pure speed in Ragone. You have both speed, size and blocking in both Rudolph and Fauria. This is a highly talented group of tight ends. Potentially the best group ever assembled at Notre Dame.

Offensive Line

2007: Matt Romine 4-star---Army All-American
Taylor Dever 4-star
Andrew Nuss 3-star—Rivals Offense-Defense Bowl

2008: Braxston Cave 3-star----ESPN All-American
Mike Golic 3-star----Army All-Amercian
Lane Clelland 4-star----Army All-Ameican

Comments: The Irish have an impressive group here. Romine, Dever and Clelland can all play tackle, with Clelland being a solid left tackle prospect. All three are said to be outstanding prospects. Nuss is a guard prospect, and Golic and Cave are center prospects. Golic can also long-snap. Another guard is needed, and the Irish will add at least one more four-star guard prospect to this group—they may already have.

Nose Guard

2007: Ian Williams 3-star

2008: Omar Hunter 4-star----ESPN All-American
Brandon Newman 4-star----Army All-American
Hafis Williams 3-star

Comments: Williams has already shown he'll end up being much more than a 3-star player. Omar Hunter will likely also show he's more than a 4-star player. Both Newman and Williams have size, strength and athletic ability that Notre Dame has been lacking at D-line for quite some time. This group is an outstanding group of players. The best group the Irish have signed in many, many years.

Defensive End

2007: Emeka Nwankwo 4-star

2008: Sean Cwynar 4-star---Army All-American
Ethan Johnson 5-star---Army All-American

Comments: Once again, the Irish have signed a truly outstanding group of defensive ends. Word out of practice is that Nwankwo has really turned some heads, and both Cwynar and Johnson are perfect fits for the Corwin Brown defense. Another highly-touted defensive end out be the icing on the cake, but the Irish would be in great shape with the three they have here.

Inside Linebacker

2007: Steve Paskorz 3-star
Aaron Nagel 3-star—Army All-American

2008: Anthony McDonald 4-star---Army All-American
David Posluszny 3-star
Steve Filer 4-star---Army All-American

Comments: Another impressive group in both talent, size and numbers. Notre Dame has been lacking in true inside linebackers, and I think they've found some in this group. At least two out of the five should develop into stars.

Outside Linebacker

2007: Kerry Neal 4-star
Brian Smith 3-star

2008: Darius Fleming 4-star—Army All-American

Comments: Smith and Neal are already household names for Irish fans. Both players possess vast talent and are only get better. Fleming will certainly add to the over athletic ability, speed, size and talent of this group. I couldn't be more pleased with this group, except maybe adding another guy, but we're just getting greedy at this point.


2007: Harrison Smith 4-star

2008: Dan McCarthy 4-star

Comments: Once again, both Smith and McCarthy bring both speed and athletic ability to the position. Both can cover a lot of ground, and both love to hit. Irish Eyes are smiling once again!


2007: Gary Gray---Army All-American 4-star

2008: Robert Blanton---Army All-American 4-star
Jamoris Slaughter 4-star---ESPN All-American

Comments: After signing two four-star players in 2006, the Irish followed with three more outstanding four-star prospects in Gray, Blanton and Slaughter. Size, speed and physical play are the strengths of these three. The Irish should be stocked at corner for quite some time.

The Irish have signed or committed 5 five-star players, 24 four-star players and 10 three-star players in this group. 20 of these players have or will participate in the Army All-American game, and six more have played or will play in other all-star games.

And the Irish aren't done yet. Left on the board are one four-star running back (Cyrus Gray), and one five-star (Deion Walker) and one four-star (Gerell Robinson) receiver. Two four-star offensive linemen (Trevor Robinson and Kenneth Page) are still left on the board, and a few four-star defensive players in Datone Jones and Kapron Lewis-Moore. Don't be surprised if more names pop up in the near future. Top Stories