Wesley Jefferson's season on hold

<P>D.C. area prospect Wesley Jefferson knew this season would be kind of crazy but he had no idea what was about to happen to his season. Wesley hasn't played the last two weeks because of the D.C. area sniper. I talked to Wesley about recruiting and how he has followed this case.</P>

"I haven't been able to play the last two weeks. We haven't even been able to practice. I can understand why they do this and it's probably a smart thing but I wish I could get back to playing football." Jefferson hasn't really changed much since this started happening. "I just got some gas today. I haven't really changed what I do every day but it is in the back of your mind. One shooting happened right down the street. One was at a school so it is the right decision to not let us play. I just hope they get the guy."

Jefferson's team is 5-0 right now and he has around 70 tackles, 6 sacks and 3 caused fumbles. He has also set up visits with Miami December 13th and Maryland December 20th. I asked Wesley if he has decided on his final three yet. "I haven't really done that yet. Ohio State, Notre Dame, Hawaii and Penn State are the teams I am thinking about most of the last visits. I am pretty sure I will visit Ohio State."

Jefferson said he has been very impressed by June Jones from Hawaii. "He has really impressed me. They are doing a very good job in recruiting me."

I asked Wesley if he thought it was likely he would visit Notre Dame. "I would say it's very likely I will visit Notre Dame. I like what they are doing there."

Wesley said he just wants to get back to playing football. "I think it's a couple of guys. I am not sure why they would do this but I think it's a couple of guys. I doubt it's kids. I don't think they would be smart enough to get away with it. I just hope it's over soon because we have 8 games left and I want to play them all."

Comments. Notre Dame should get a visit. Wesley is just cruising along and enjoying the process. I don't expect we will know much about Wesley until he takes a few visits. It's sad these players have to have their season put on hold.

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