Bradford gets offer from Notre Dame

<P>Los Angeles wide receiver prospect Mark Bradford received his offer from Notre Dame last week. Bradford has set up a few visits. Does he plan to visit Notre Dame? </P>

Mark Bradford hasn't quite had the season he had hoped for. "I am finally getting healthy. I have been banged up all year. I am not quite there yet but I should be fully healthy soon. It has been frustrating for me. I missed two complete games and I have only played parts of most of them."

Bradford has set up three visits so far. "I have a visit set for LSU on November 15th. I visit Oregon on January 10th and Michigan State on January 17th. I haven't set up the final two but the last two will come from Washington, Notre Dame and Stanford. I just haven't decided which schools I will visit yet." Bradford is also considering USC and UCLA. "I have been to both schools already so I will just visit them unofficially."

I asked Mark if Notre Dame has offered him a scholarship. "Yeah, I think it came on the 10th. I was happy about that."

Mark also said that distance isn't going to have any influence on his decision. "I am just going to go to the school that is best for me. If it's in the midwest, I will just bring a coat."

Comments. I think Mark is very wide open. I think that Notre Dame has a shot at this great player. The offer did help their cause and I do believe he will visit Notre Dame. They have to get him in on December 6th if they expect to have a shot I believe. He has that date open but his team could be playing in the playoffs. Top Stories