Notre Dame Eyes Yarnway

Dasarte Yarnway's two assistant principals at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco, graduated from Notre Dame. Every year, several students leave the Bay Area school and head to South Bend, Ind., for college.

Dasarte Yarnway could be the next in line.

Notre Dame assistant coach Jappy Oliver has called head coach John Lee for film of Yarnway, one of the top running backs in the state, in the class of 2009. Wake Forest, Nebraska, California and USC each has a coach that keeps in touch with him. Nearly every school in the country is sending mail.

"I don't even open them anymore," Yarnway said of the letters. He is waiting for his first scholarship offer.

"He's a big powerful runner," Lee said. The 6-foot, 210-pound Yarnway ran for over 1,400 yards and 18 touchdowns this past fall. "He does everything we ask of him."

One thing his coaches tell him is he has to visit Notre Dame if ever given the chance. The team's junior varsity coach and is an Irish season ticket holder, and Yarnway says he always comes back with a good story. Lee is very high on the Irish as well.

"He's told me about the history of Notre Dame," Yarnway said. "The Heismans, and the great tradition."

The last two years, the Sacred Heart football team has watched clips of the movie Rudy to get hyped up for their game against St. Ignatius, the longest high school football rivalry in the country. It dates back to 1892 and was a rugby game the first two years.

"I believe a kid from Bellarmine Prep goes there," Yarnway said of Notre Dame backup quarterback Darrin Bragg. "He's from around the Bay area, so I guess they're really welcoming to kids from the west coast."

Yarnway jumped on the recruiting radar after a sophomore season where he rushed for over 1,300 yards and 16 touchdowns. He reported a 320-pound bench press, a 465-pound squat, and 4.58 40-yard dash. So far, he has seen the campuses at USC, Cal and Georgia Tech.

"I plan on going on a lot of unofficial visits this spring and summer, so maybe I'll come to Notre Dame," Yarnway said.

Then Yarnway will be able to share stories with all the Notre Dame alum and fans around his area.

Early in the recruiting process, Yarnway said he is open to every school.

"I'm just looking to feel comfortable," he began. "I'm going to be at a place for four or five years so you want to wake up every morning and like the place. I know nothing is handed to anybody. Nothing is given freely. I just want to be in a position to compete. I'm a competitor and if I'm in that position to compete, I can pull myself above competition. Those two things will be the main factors. I'm not worried about distance."

Yarnway's GPA is around 3.0. Top Stories