Holley back from first visit

<P>Jesse Holley visited Michigan State last week. He has another visit lined up with Virginia. Does he plan to visit Notre Dame? </P>

"My team isn't doing so well right now. We are 1-3 right now. We are a very young team and I am trying to get these guys to finish the season strong. I have 27 catches for about 400 yards and 3 touchdowns. I have about 60 tackles and 5 interceptions as well. I am doing O.K. I guess. I hope we can win more games."

Jesse just got back from a visit at Michigan State. I asked him what he thought of East Lansing. "It was pretty cool. I got to hang out with my friend Tyrell Dortsch and Chuck Rogers. They have a pretty good team there. They are all very close and hang out together there. I liked it quite a bit." I asked Jesse if Michigan State would be considered his leader at this point. "No, I wouldn't say they are my leader but I would say they are one of my top teams."

Holley also has a visit lined up for Virginia on November 23th. "I have the Virginia visit and I am going to set up a visit with UCLA as soon as possible. My last two visits will come from Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina and Notre Dame."

Linebacker coach Bob Simmons is recruiting Jesse and I asked Jesse what he thought of Coach Simmons. "He is real nice. He is very upfront and tells it to me straight. He doesn't give me the run around so there is no misunderstanding on where I stand with Notre Dame. They tell me they are looking for a big time player to go along with their big time defense. They want someone who can stretch the field and tell me that I can fill that role. I really like Coach Simmons." I asked Jesse if he planned on visiting Notre Dame. "I wouldn't say it's likely, I would say it's definite that I would visit there. I want to see the school and what Notre Dame is all about."

Comments. Jesse said that he wants to take all 5 of his visits but also wants to make his decision before basketball starts. He doesn't want recruiting to effect his basketball team too much. I expect him to come in some time in December. We will know more about his interest after he visits. I don't think he will commit before he sees 3-4 schools so they have a shot.

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