Guilford sets visits

<P>New Jersey prospect Ira Guilford has a pretty good season going. His team is 5-1 and they are marching on to the state playoffs. Guilford has set up two visits and has narrowed down his list. Does he plan to visit Notre Dame? </P>

Ira Guilford has had a pretty good season so far. He has rushed for over 700 yards and 13 tds. He also has about 45 tackles so far. "Our team is 5-1 right now. We are ranked #1 in the state right now for our group because we play in a league where we play a lot of bigger schools."

Guilford has set two visits already. "I have a visit scheduled for Michigan State on December 13th. I also have a visit set for Ohio State on January 10th. I know I will visit Notre Dame and Penn State for sure but I am waiting to find the right dates. Notre Dame wants me to come in on December 6th but that is the date scheduled for the state championship game. I would go then if I am not playing in that game. We are talking about January 17th for Penn State. My last visit will be either Maryland, Syracuse or Boston College."

Ira has been enjoying the recruiting process and watching football. "I have been talking to a lot of my friends who are now at division one schools who have gone through this before. They all tell me to concentrate on bring home the state championship trophy and to go to the school I feel most comfortable. I have to live there for 4 years so I better like it. I have been watching a lot of football. The team that has really surprised me is Notre Dame. They are playing very good football and they have a very good defense."

I asked Ira if he had a leader at this point. "The Ohio State Buckeyes. I just feel comfortable there. I have been there twice. My Father gives me a lot of advice with this and he has kept my mind open. I was pretty much sold on Ohio State but my Father has been my mind open to other schools and to take a look at all my opportunities before I decide."

Comments. Ira says he will take all his visits before he decides. I think Notre Dame has a legit shot at him but they will have to overcome the lead that Ohio State clearly has. I do think Notre Dame would be his second school but that is just my opinion. Top Stories