Carlson back from Stanford visit

Minnesota Tight End has already visited Notre Dame. He visited Stanford last week and he is getting closer to making a decision. Where does he stand right now?

John Carlson visited Stanford last week and I called to get his reaction to the visit and see where he stands now. "The best part about it was no snow. It was snowing in Minnesota so I liked to get away from the snow." Carlson was clearly joking. "The campus is beautiful. Coach Teevins is a good guy. He is upbeat and positive and I really like that about him. I got to meet some of the faculty there. Stanford has the best of the best in faculty. It's quite impressive to see that. I got to talk to Dick Gould, their tennis coach who has won 17 National Championships at Stanford. He was very cool. We just talked about me, my future and what my goals were. He wasn't even selling the school. It was just a great conversation."

I told John that I heard that Stanford might be his leader now. "I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say anyone is my leader. It's going to be a very difficult decision. I am just sifting through the variables right now. I want to make my decision after the season but before basketball season starts. My decision should come within the next two or three weeks. I want to take a trip to Minnesota and St. Cloud State first as well."

I mentioned to John that I had a conversation with his Dad and we were talking about the tight end situation with Notre Dame already having 6 tight ends and that Greg Olsen seems to like Notre Dame a lot as well. I asked John if that was a problem for him. "It is and it isn't. I look at it as a challenge and I am not one to back down from a challenge. I am confident in myself and I believe I could eventually find a place to play there. When you have that many tight ends already, it makes it more difficult but I think I can play there."

Comments. Carlson mentioned his great deal of respect for Coach Willingham again. I think Stanford became a serious competitor in this race. I still believe that Carlson would like to go to Notre Dame but isn't sure what will happen with the tight end situation. I honestly have no clue what Carlson will do and I don't think he has any idea at this point as well. John will probably take a couple of weeks to sort this out. We will have a much better idea when I call him in a couple of weeks. Top Stories