Film evaluation of some top prospects

<P>My good friend Jamie Newberg hooked me up with some film of some of the top prospects in the country. I love film and here are some of my thoughts on the top prospects I was able to watch. </P>

I was able to watch quite a few players. I will only comment on those players that Notre Dame is recruiting unless they are too good not to mention. Many of the clips only had one game to view. These were not highlight films and I am sure a highlight film would be much more impressive for some of these players. Here are my thoughts.

I can see why the Notre Dame staff want Richard Kovalcheck. He is a big guy with a very strong arm. His team runs mainly out of the shotgun but he does line up under center as well. He sees the field very well and has one heck of a great arm. What really impressed me was his quickness. He can run and avoid the pressure. He is more quick than fast but makes good decisions on when to run. He is a very solid quarterback and should develop into a great QB with pro potential.

I also saw the Brady Quinn highlight film. He was very impressive on film. He is a big, strong kid with a very good arm. He is very accurate in his throws and runs a very similar system to what the Irish want to run. He spreads the ball around to all his receivers and his backs and looks like he can make all the throws. He throws the deep ball well as well but I didn't see the plays where he missed because it was a highlight film. He isn't someone who will scare you with his legs but he can avoid the rush and feels the pressure in the pocket. He stands tall in the pocket and makes the throw while knowing he is going to get hit. He has more mobility than Chris Olsen from last year. He has tremendous upside and plays like a winner.

I also got the chance to watch Chauncey Washington. WOW! this kid is a player. He is a big guy. Looks to be 6-1 210 but he has big time explosion through the holes. He is a north/south runner but has great feet to dance through the holes. He has good vision and picks his way through the running lane. Once he gets into the open field, he has plenty of speed to take it the distance. He is very strong with a powerful lower body. He reminds me of Jamal Lewis with a little more shake and bake. The great ones don't slow down while picking their way through the hole, Chauncey is that type of player.

Reggie Bush was also very impressive. I have seen better highlight film than this but he still showed the unbelieveable lateral movement and explosion on this film as well. What is left to be said about this player? He looks a lot like Barry Sanders but isn't near as big or has the same lower body. His running style is a lot like Barry however. Any run can turn into a circus run where you just drop your jaw. Great player.

The film I had on Mark Bradford was not good. It was one game and I didn't get a good picture of his overall speed. Bradford looks a lot like Arnaz Battle right now. He is a big, strong wide receiver who is a fantastic athlete. He has great hands and uses his body well to shield away the defender. He runs great routes and uses his powerful legs to break tackles. His upper body is also very well developed and uses a stiff arm to push away tacklers. The only thing I could not see what his overall speed and top gear. I didn't need to see it to say that I would like him on my team.

Quinton Daniels also looked impressive. He is a different player than some wide receivers. He has good shake and bake but isn't very explosive when coming out of his cuts. He does have good top end speed and that extra gear. He is a very physical player on defense as well. Should be a great player on deep balls but does have great hands so he can make the difficult catch. He is different from Bradford but still a good receiver.

I got a chance to see Whitney Lewis as well. Think of every Miami receiver of old that had speed. He looks like a Miami receiver and that is a great compliment. He is a fantastic athelte with explosive speed and great top end speed. We just have to hope he doesn't end up at USC. Great player.

Charles Smith is the teammate of Reggie Bush that plays wide receiver. He reminds me of a bigger Kennan Howry from Oregon. Prbably not as much top end speed but enough to go deep. He is kind of thin but he just makes plays. Has great hands and should be a good receiver in college.

Some how, the Irish have to figure out how to get Steve Smith. I will take either Smith or Bradford but Smith has the goods. I am almost certain that Bradford has them as well. Smith looked to be the best athlete I have seen minus Freddie Parish but I will get to that. Smith could play a number of positions but reminds me of an Anquan Boldin type of player. He is not that big (6-0 180 I would guess) but what an athlete. He is just fluid and you instantly think athlete when you watch him. He looks too familiar in his scarlet and gold uniform and I hope that isn't a bad sign. He could be either a great wide receiver or a great safety. I would be tempted to play him at safety because he can do so much with his athletic ability.

Chris Leak also impressed me. No way he is 6-0. I am going to guess 5-10 or a shade taller but he can throw the football. He runs almost strictly a shotgun offense. 4-5 wide at all times and he dinks and dunks until you move up and then he hits you deep. It's a great offense to watch. I just wonder how he would fit in the ND offense. I didn't see a lot of great athletes he played against but he has thrown for all those yards and touchdowns. He makes accurate throws and has a pretty good arm. His mechanics need some work but he makes play after play. This offense makes you defend every square inch of the field and why they are so successful. He really does a nice job finding his open receivers and gets them the ball. My only concern is how he can handle taking snaps under center and run this offense.

Freddie Parish is a complete stud. His film was fantastic. Freddie even has his own theme music but it was great. Notre Dame has not landed an athlete like this in the secondary in a very long time. No question he can play corner but I can see why people would want him to play safety. He will take your head clean off and has closing speed you just don't see often. He plays with a confidence that only the great ones have. He explodes through the ball carrier rolling right over him. He has plenty of speed and the hips to play corner but I think you would want to use both his athletic ability and his physical attitude and line him up at safety. He could play all 4 positions in the secondary as well as wide receiver or tailback. A better version of Lionel Bolen because he has more closing speed. Notre Dame fans should be very excited about Freddie.

There you have it, my thoughts on some of the top players I was able to see. I will see if I can get some more film to look at. Hope you enjoyed it. Top Stories