Army and UnderArmour Practice Update

Many of the Notre Dame commitments shined on their first day of practice in both the Army All-American bowl practices and the UnderArmour Bowl practices. We caught up with a few experts to get their thoughts on some of Notre Dame's prospects during their first day of practice.

Bob Lichtenfels talks about Notre Dame's commitments on the east squad during the moring practice.

Darius Fleming-- Bulked up 25lbs of muscle since last Jan. Demon off of the edge.

Kyle Rudolph-- Stood out above everyone else along with Darius.

Lane Clelland-- maybe not a tackle. He's an interior guy. Getting beat but should be better by tomorrow.

Mike Golic-- Struggling. Beat on 1-on-1s.

Sean Cwynar - A beast. Non-stop motor. Great feet.

Brandon Newman - Looks out of shape but got better and better. Looked impressive by the end. Good stature for a tackle. Held his own.

Steve Filer - Such good LBs here that guys like Filer are still feeling their way. Amongst the pack.

Robert Blanton - Looked average. Amongst the pack.

Jonas Gray - Looks good.

Jamie Newberg's comments from first practice at UnderArmour practice today.

Braxston Cave--I was impressed. I didn't watch a lot of O-line, but from what I saw, he looked like the best one out there for the silver team. He has good footwork, he's strong, and he has a little mean streak in him. He looked better than I thought he would.

Omar Hunter--He's a beast. He's probably one of the top 4 players I've seen out here. He's more of a Warren Sapp-type. He has a strong lower body. Nobody could handle him out here today. I think he's one of the two top D-linemen out here with Daquan Bowers.

Deion Walker--All the wide receivers looked good. Deion is smooth. More so than what you usually see at this stage. He's a big, strong, physical kid. I want to see him run more. If he has a knock, it might be his top end speed. I want to see that. Whoever gets him is getting a heck of a player.

Jamoris Slaughter--I haven't seen much of him. Most of the work was one-on-one and 7-on-7 and you kind of watch the guys on the island….the corners versus the wide receivers. I didn't see much of him for the first practice. I'll watch him this second practice.

Other top players he saw--Andrew Sweat looked real good for the first practice. Brandon Harris is a corner that will probably go to Miami.

Jeff Howe's comments from west practice.

Dayne Crist--All three QBs look good, but Crist has looked the sharpest so far. Definitely looked the best so far. I notice his release. He has a real quick release and it doesn't take long for the ball to get out of his hands.

Gerell Robinson--One of the most physically impressive kids he's seen out there. He's been playing safety, so Jeff didn't see a lot of him thus far, but he's very impressive physically.

Mike Floyd--The wide receivers have been quiet. None have really done much. He's made a few nice catches. Dan Buckner has probably separated himself the most from the wide receivers.

Trevor Robinson--He's looked pretty good. The morning practice was dominated by the D-line. So far, Trevor has held his own though. He's kind of in a group with Tyron Smith, who is going to USC and David Snow, who is going to Texas. Those look to be the best three out here so far.

Anthony McDonald--The linebackers have been kind of quiet. They've been in a group by themselves. They did get a little action today during the inside hole drill. It was easy to see why Anthony McDonald is one of the top linebackers in the country then. He and Lynn Katoa, a kid going to Colorado looked the best so far.

Bob Lichtenfels comments from afternoon.

John Goodman--I liked him since I saw him last year at the Army combine, but he's opened up my eyes even more with how good he is. He runs great routes, catches everything. They're even working on a trick play where he throws the ball.

With this receiving corps, it would be easy to get overlooked, but he's really stood out. I can't think of one thing he doesn't do well. He's not a blazer, but he's fast enough. He gets good separation. Good hands. Real coachable. When you can get separation from Patrick Johnson, you can do it against anyone on Saturdays.

Kyle Rudolph--Been the same consistent guy. Looks like a wide receiver playing tight end. He's real fluid. He doesn't drop balls. Doesn't run a bad route. Always blocking someone.

Mike Golic--I watched him a lot. He's struggled again in the afternoon practice. He looks to be around 250 pounds. When he's going against guys 300 pounds like Marcus Forston, you're at a disadvantage already. Guys are just bigger and stronger than he is. Not a bad football player. He's just so undersized compared to the others. Mechanically he's where he needs to be. Give him a year in the weight room and he should be fine.

Lane Clelland--Started to find his feet. He hasn't been the dominant guy I've seen before. When these guys face 300 pound guys, and they haven't done anything for awhile, it's going to take awhile. On one-on-one he's not getting beat, but he's not been the dominant guy you're used to seeing.

Darius Fleming--Another good session. He did get caught once. He got pancaked. He tried to speed rush and the kid caught him under his pads and he got put on his back. Prior to that point he was unstoppable. Physically he looks so much better than what we saw last year. You can tell he's spent some time in the weight room.

Steve Filer--He was working with the top-line guys towards the end of practice. He's starting to look a lot better. He's playing outside linebacker and doing well. This is an unbelievable group of linebackers and he's in the top 4 linebackers here.

RJ Blanton---He's not really sticking out. He's like a little thicker Raeshon McNeil. He hasn't done much today. The wide receivers are catching balls as will against the DBs today.

Sean Cwynar--Cwynar has really impressed me. He really has. I was a little down on him early when I saw him struggle a little bit against Garrett Goebel. He seems to be real focus. He is in great shape. He's got some fire to him. He's out to prove something here."

Brandon Newman--He's plugging away. You'd like him to be taller. If he's got a guy like Omar Hunger coming in, he better learn to work a little harder and get better to compete. He's probably never been pushed. That happens a lot. He played against some guys in Kentucky and he could have his way with them. I think this is kind of opening his eyes. We see this every year. By the 3rd or 4th practice you see them come out of his shell.

Jamie Newberg thoughts on second Under Armour practice.

Braxston Cave—I'd say he looked about the same. He's one of the better offensive linemen that I've eye-balled over the first two practice sessions. Looks like ND is getting themselves a good center prospect. I like his tenacity. The game is still won in the trenches, and you've got to find those guys that are just nasty. He can run block and pass block. It seems like he's got the entire package. He'll have to work on some things like they all do. He shows good athleticism, looks strong, good feet. He's been impressive today. He's definitely held his own.

Jamoris Slaughter—For the most part it's been hard to get a good read on all the safeties. Slaughter made a couple plays in the second practice. He broke on the ball pretty well helping out in coverage. He looks like a guy with pretty good range at the safety spot. I'll be curious to see what he does on Saturday. One of the things I liked about Slaughter watching film was his hitting ability. He made some nice plays this afternoon, and I've got to be honest, not many safeties have made plays here the first day, but he did make a couple. I think he's got good speed. I don't think he has Will Hill Speed. I think he's got the ability to play strong because he has that linebacker mentality, but I also think he's got the speed and range to play free. I think he's a good, versatile safety.

Deion Walker—About the same. He played well. He dropped a few and caught a few good ones. I think it's just getting on the same page with the quarterbacks and getting into that rhythm. I think it's been that way for all the receivers. They're hot and cold.

Omar Hunter—He was dominant. No matter who they put on him, he's been dominant. He's actually had to let up a couple of times because they can't touch the quarterback. He's been one of the most dominant players on day one, even when being double-teamed. He's definitely been a force in the middle. Top Stories