Boston plans to visit

<P>Bartow Florida prospect Alex Boston has seen his season turn around. His team is now 3-4 and he is enjoying his season. He has a couple of visits set up and he plans to visit Notre Dame as well. </P>

Alex Boston is playing defensive end, fullback and tight end this year. "We are playing better. We are now 3-4 but we have won a few games and we are playing better. I don't have my stats. My coach doesn't give them to us."

Alex has visits lined up with UConn on December 7th and Maryland for December 13th. "I also know I will visit Notre Dame for sure. I also think I will visit Ohio State. I am not sure on my last visit yet. I plan to take all my visits and all have offered me except Notre Dame."

The most likely reason Notre Dame hasn't offered is that Boston is waiting for his SAT score. "I took the test on October 12th. I am waiting for that score. I think I did pretty well so I don't think it should be a problem. I have a 3.4 GPA overall and a 3.2 core GPA so I should be O.K."

Comments. Alex said he is waiting for a few schools to call him back and he will set up his visits then. Obviously the test score is important but Alex should get the score he needs. I think Alex is pretty open and I do think he will visit if he gets his score.

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