Kenny Scott plans to visit Irish

<P>Corner prospect Kenny Scott has had a great start to his season so far. His team is 6-1 and marching to the playoffs. Kenny has set one visit and plans to set the rest very soon. Scott says he plans to visit Notre Dame as well. </P>

Daytona Beach, FL's Kenny Scott has had a great year so far. He has rushed for over 700 yards averaging 8 yards a carry. He also has rushed for 9 touchdowns this year.

"I have a visit schedule for Tennessee right now for January 10th. I am going to have to change that date though because I don't think Tennessee is in school that weekend. They have to be in school for me to visit so I will be changing that soon."

I asked Kenny if he has spoke with other schools lately about visiting. "I have, I am going to set one with Notre Dame. I talked to Coach Willingham last night. He wants me to come up for a visit and I will set one up with them. I have to wait until next week because they can only call once during the week."

Kenny also spoke about his conversation with Willingham. "He is just a great guy. He is very down to earth. He was asking about my season and how I was doing. We talked about my plans for my future and what I wanted to accomplish. He is a great coach. They have been doing such a good job this year. He know just what to say to you."

Kenny also said he is looking at FSU, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech and North Carolina for visits. "I should start to set them up shortly. I know I will take all 5 of my visits before I decide."

I asked Kenny if he was going to go to the Notre Dame/Florida State game this week. "Oh yeah, I can't wait to watch that." I asked Kenny for his prediction on who will win the game. "(laughing) Man, don't do that to me. I am not saying anything." Kenny is a smart kid.

Comments. This is a player the Irish would love to get. He will visit. I am sure Notre Dame will try to get him in for the December 6th weekend but his team is likely to be playing deep in the playoffs. Kenny will likely have to take a January visit. I don't think we will know much about Kenny until he visits Notre Dame. Top Stories