Crist 100 Percent Solid with Notre Dame

Recruiting has become a truly ugly business, and sometimes it comes to this. Sometimes, instead of chasing the story, the story comes to us.

I'll keep this simple and sweet. There is only one message to be had here, and nothing further needs to be said.

"There's been a lot of stuff said lately about me," said five-star quarterback prospect Dayne Crist. "That's why I'm calling."

I didn't chase Dayne down. I didn't call. I didn't even text him to prompt him to call me. He just called me to clear the air about some "rumors."

"Despite rumors that I'm taking official visits to other places, I am 100 percent committed to Notre Dame," Crist said. "Don't believe rumors that you're hearing. This won't change for any reason."

Dayne clearly asked that I print this as his statement to any and all rumors about his commitment to Notre Dame and his interest in other schools. I think it's very clear. Hopefully everyone will get the message. Top Stories