Cave Happy With All-Star Performance

Two weeks ago Braxston Cave was a three-star offensive center candidate from little ol' Indiana. After an impressive week of practice, and an equally impressive performance in the UnderArmour all-star game, Cave has found both notoriety and respect.

Granger, Ind. native Braxston Cave wanted to prove something on his recent trip to Orlando, Fla. to play in the UnderArmour All-American game.

"I definitely think I proved some people wrong," Cave said of his body of work during the week of practice and during the game. "I wanted to show everyone that I belonged. I think I did that. After reading everyone's thoughts on it, I think I opened some eyes. I'm pretty happy with my performance."

In fact, most people said Cave was one of the very best linemen at the game despite being ranked as just a three-star prospect on more than one recruiting service.

"It was an awesome experience," he said. "We got to do a lot of things I've never been able to do, like go to Disney. Everyone was really cool down there. It was a lot of fun. I'm also glad to get the win. That was important."

A good number of people also were excited and impressed with Cave's performance.

"I must have at least 50 texts waiting for me once the game was over," Cave said. "I was just happy that I played well. I think my family was proud of the way I played, so that felt great.

"They did call me for that one holding call, but I'm not too sure about that call. They probably need to look at that one again," he said with a laugh.

Many players are excited to play in these games because it's their first true test against the type of competition they'll face in college.

"It felt great going against those guys," Cave said of the competition. "It really gave me a boost of confidence knowing I can come in there next season and compete. I think I held my own against those guys. I now know I can play at that level. I know it will be an ever bigger step up, but now I know I can handle it, and I'm just going to do everything I can to get ready for next season."

Cave was working out with the wrestling team the last time we spoke with him, but he's now focused on just one goal.

"I'm done with that and now I'm just working out," he said. "I'm really just lifting and working a lot with my speed and agility training. I want to get quicker. I'm trying to get into the best shape of my life for when I report to Notre Dame."

Cave already has a close bond with a number of his future Notre Dame classmates, and he's still holding court over at his house.

"I still keep in touch with everyone," he said. "(Sean) Cwynar and Trevor (Robinson) were over here just last night. They're both really excited to get started there at Notre Dame. It's great having them around because we've all developed a great friendship and bond over the last few months. (Steve) Filer and Darius (Fleming) come over a lot just to hang out. I expect to see those guys a lot this spring."

And Cave isn't through selling at this point. The Irish will have a few more uncommitted recruits visit campus this week and Braxston figures into the equation.

"I'll definitely be around for that," Cave said. "We're not done. We hope to add more players to this great class. You can bet I'll be around for that." Top Stories