Gray Gets Visit from Weis

Beverly Hills, Mich. running back Jonas Gray recently spent some time with both Irish head coach Charlie Weis and defensive coordinator Corwin Brown. Gray, fresh off his Army All-American game experience, was glad to see his future coach this week.

"It went very well," said Jonas Gray of his visit with Irish head coach Charlie Weis. "The weather was kind of bad here, and we are going to get more snow here tonight, so they didn't come to my house because they needed to leave before the snow hit. I went up to the school and met them there.

"I sat down with them for about two hours and we just had a great conversation. We talked about recruiting, things about next year, and what's coming up for signing day. We just had a good chance to talk."

Since Weis didn't actually go to his house, we asked Jonas if that was his official in-home visit.

"It was," Gray said. "He's coming back, but I think that was considered his in-home visit."

Gray recently participated in the Army All-American game, and that experience was something that will stick with him for quite some time.

"That was really cool," Gray said. "It was just great hanging out with all my future teammates. We did a lot of laughing. It was just real cool being able to get to know them better. I wish I could've played more. That was the only disappointing thing."

Since Gray participated in the game, he's now forfeited his eligibility to play other sports this spring to close out his high school career. The Detroit Country Day high school star says he has plenty of things to do to keep him busy.

"I'm just going to train hard. I think with college football, one of the biggest things is the conditioning for it," said Gray. "I think once I get there that will be the biggest adjustment I'll have to make. I'm just going to work hard now between now and when I get up there to be in great shape when I arrive.

"Also, I'm going to spend a lot of time trying to learn the offense. I'm also going to work on some of the wrinkles in my game. Just work on speed, agility, pass catching….all those things."

Gray already has the body to take a pounding at the next level, but he says the stamina is what he'll be working on.

"I'm about 216 pounds right now," he said. "They didn't really give me a weight they wanted me to be at. I'm just going to show up and make sure I'm in great shape because I think that will be a big part of it."

Earlier last week there was a rumor that Gray was rethinking his commitment to Notre Dame. Like the vast majority of these rumors, it was false.

"Nah, I'm 100 percent committed," Gray said. "I'm definitely not interested in any other schools. I don't know where this stuff starts."

The four-star prospect says in fact he plans to spend a great deal of time in South Bend in the near future.

"I'm going down there this weekend," he said. "I just want to hang out with my future teammates and get more comfortable with the place. It's not that far for me to get down there, so I plan to do that a lot. Now that we have two guys down there who are in my class, I can just crash with them when I come down there. Or I can stay with Braxston Cave. It will be fun hanging out with those guys.

"I'll definitely be down for some spring practices….as many as I can get to. I'll definitely be down for the spring game. I'll be there a lot in the spring time. I'm getting excited for when I finally get there full time." Top Stories