Notre Dame wins and something sMells

<P>Notes from the couch, big screen and my 20-inch Sanyo. What a great day, week and season to be an Irish fan. The big screen and I danced like only a white guy and a big screen can. I was doing my booty shake well into evening. We danced and danced and danced. My only complaint for the big screen is she didn't give me a picture of Mel. </P>

We are quite a few weeks into the season and some things are becoming very clear to me. You better bring your A game when you play Notre Dame. You better add a + to that as well because you are going to need it.

I should start the Arnaz Battle draft watch for Irish fans. I am sure my buddy Mel had Arnaz as a late round pick (6-7th round I am sure). Mel should give me a call, I can tell him about a few other gems hidden among the "lack of talent" Irish. Mel, to clue you in, I would say 2nd round for Battle, no need to thank me. I tip my hat every day to Arnaz Battle. He will make any team a better team just by being a part of it. Nobody deserves success more than Arnaz Battle. I knew Arnaz would be a star player. It just happened a little later than both Arnaz and I had hoped. Congrats to Arnaz and his entire family. I am sure Mom and Dad has played a big part in keeping Arnaz the optimistic person he is.

What the hell is wrong with the Notre Dame students? If you were not out there to greet this team, you should head straight to confession. I am sure the seniors that graduated last year would surely be out there if they had the opportunity. You students have no idea how lucky you are to have a team like this to cheer on. Do your part and greet this team. That is truly pathetic. Every player and every fan that lives in South Bend should be there to greet this team. Run a story in the Observer about it. That is what the paper is for. Mel currently has the Observer as the #1156 ranked school newspaper in the country.

This just in

Courtney Watson is a great player. Mel, you catch that? Courtney Watson is a great player. I gave you a free one and you didn't even have to call me. 2nd round pick Mel but quickly moving up the charts.

This just in II

Anyone still want to bench Carlyle? What a tough kid and competitor. Holiday understands leadership and team. I don't want anyone to be leading this team other than Holiday. Congrats big guy, glad to see the smile on your face. What a beautiful ball that was to Omar Jenkins. Don't worry, Mel will have you ranked as a late round pick because you "can't throw."

Got to love that redheaded kid!!!

If Joey Hildbold isn't the best field position punter in football, I don't know who is. Joey has done a fantastic job for 4 years for this Irish team. What a great game he had. Time to give this kid the pub he deserves. He gets one of my game balls. Mel took his game balls and went home.

We got Nick back!!

I told you Nick that you would make the next one. Very happy for a very classy kid. Nick is going to win a game for Notre Dame this year.

Has anyone noticed?

Greg Pauly is starting to emerge as a player. He won't dominate the stat sheet but he is holding his own against the double team. He is bringing a spirited attitude and some much-needed depth at just the right time. Congrats to Greg for battling through it all.

Note to all Notre Dame parents

I know there are a lot of parents that read this site every day. Thank you for sending your son to play for Notre Dame. Thank you for raising your son to respect their teammates, their coaches and the other team. Thank you for not allowing them to criticize their coach, their teammates or the other team when they were losing games. Thank you for teaching them to win with class. Notre Dame wins and loses with class. I am sure Mel has you ranked low but you are the #1 picks in our hearts.

Note to all ND players

Not one time did I see you point the finger when some fingers clearly could be pointed. Not one time did I see you make excuses for losing games. Not one time did you participate in the "blame game" and you are a much better team for it. I think I can speak for all Notre Dame fans when I say thank you, we're sorry and God Bless.

I wonder?

I wonder if Tyrone Willingham walks into his house after these games and plops down in his favorite chair and smiles? I wonder if he watches Sports Center and just laughs and laughs all night long? I also wonder if his wife asks him how he is doing it? I also wonder if he honestly has an answer? What I wouldn't give to sit there with Coach and laugh along with him?

My second game ball


My second game ball goes to the Notre Dame offensive line. You made the plays when they needed to be made. You opened the holes and your protected your quarterback. You also got to look up at the scoreboard and smile. You understood that being labeled a great player and actually playing like a great player are two totally different things. That fact seems to be lost of some of the Seminoles but you will have the image of that scoreboard to remember for the rest of your lives.

My third game ball


To the entire Notre Dame coaching staff, trainers and water boys. This was the most prepared team I have seen since the 88 National Championship game against West Virginia. The last two games have been outstanding. Everyone involved deserves a game ball. Even the water boys hustle on this team.

How many Bowden's are there?

I have been known to take a jab or two at Bobby Bowden. I kind of feel for him now. He really is a classy guy and always gives Notre Dame their due respect. I am just tired of hearing about the Bowden's but I am sure others are tired of hearing about Notre Dame. Bowden has earned his respect and has always handled himself in a gracious manner.

This isn't funny any more

What happened to the Carlson Palmer we all knew and loved? Where are the interceptions and the losses in close games? Where is the folding under pressure? This isn't funny any more. I don't like this one bit. USC tailbacks don't rush for 160 yards, they fumble it for that many. USC does not accumulate 600 yards in offense, they give up that much. I am not liking this one bit at all! Don't worry, Mel has the entire USC team ranked as first round picks so we still have a chance.

You mean I HAVE to cheer for Michigan?

While the loss yesterday to Iowa put a smile on my face, I quickly realized that Michigan has to keep winning games for ND to stay in the BCS hunt. Every team has to continue to win games to help their chances. That means we are going to have to cheer for some unpleasant people like Lloyd Carr. I am just not sure I can do that.

Congrats to the Huskers

I saw the old Nebraska team yesterday and that wasn't funny either. I was enjoying my season and then Nebraska decides to find some heart. I like Nebraska fans much better when they are losing. They are much more pleasant and quite funny too. I will be the biggest Nebraska fan in Omaha next Saturday.

Who is this Ferentz guy?

Is it too late to change my list again? Let's see, Belotti (loss), McCarney (loss), Tedford (loss). Maybe Mel shouldn't listen to me after all. Iowa is playing a lot like Notre Dame and I am not sure I would want to play them right now.

In case you missed it

Pitt beat BC. I doubt anyone cares.

The watch is on

The Bob Toledo watch has officially started. With a win against Stanford this week, Bob Toledo has set the table to save his job once again. He plays at Washington, at Arizona and then faces USC at home. The first two should be wins because UCLA is starting to look like a better team. If he runs the table and beats USC again, he will likely save his job once again. Never count out Bob Toledo when his job is on the line.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!

That time of the year is here again. Notre Dame fans get to suffer another week of Boston College fans. I will have my finger on the flush button all week on the message boards. This just might be the one year where BC fans just don't have a lot to say. Top Stories