Joining the Lincoln Talent Poole

With his father being in the Air Force, Hunter Poole has moved so many times, he couldn't remember the exact amount. He has lived in several states, and also stayed in Japan. So the move from Thomasville, Ga. to Tallahassee, Fla. this month has been an easy one to adjust to for the very talented class of 2009 offensive lineman.

Hunter Poole has recently transferred from Thomas County Central, where he helped lead them to a spot in the class-AAAA state semifinals this past fall, to national powerhouse Lincoln High. The two high schools are only 45 minutes apart.

"I love it," the 6-foot-5, 315-pound Poole stated. After 23 years in the Air Force, his father now teaches avionics, and his mother is retired. "Everyone is so positive down here. The coaches are amazing.

"We moved mostly because of football. The program they have down here is great. It's like a gold mine really. We have family down here too, a bunch of cousins and stuff. That's another reason. It's not only that the football is better, it's the academics and overall attitude too."

College coaches have quickly found Poole at his new school.

"I've met so many coaches since I've been down here," Poole state. It's non stop recruiting. One guy I recently met was Jimbo Fisher, the future coach at Florida State. He wants me to go to a junior day there."

Another guy Poole recently met is Notre Dame assistant coach Bernie Parmalee.

"I just introduced myself," Poole said. "He just said he liked my highlight tape."

And Poole likes Notre Dame, even though he is still learning about the University.

"I'm interested in them because my sister goes to Indiana University," Poole said. She is a sophomore in Bloomington. "Just the alumni is really good up there. They have a lot of tradition. That is one thing that I'm interested in."

Plenty of programs are interested in Poole.

He has a great relationship with the Georgia coaches, where he has camped, and he also went to two games there this past season. He went to games and camped at Florida State and Alabama. There were also unofficial visits made to Auburn and Clemson. Notre Dame Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Ohio State and Michigan are sending regular mail.

Schools are recruiting Poole as both a tackle or guard.

"They say I have the size to play both," Poole stated. He is waiting for his first scholarship offer.

Poole, who has a GPA of 3.3, reported a bench press max of 425 pounds, and a squat max of 530 pounds. He runs the 40-yard dash in 5.23.

"I'm quick for my size," Poole said. "Obviously I have good size and strength. I have really good technique also. I think I stay really low for a big guy, which helps me with leverage."

With the amount of moving Poole has made in his life, it wasn't surprising when he said he'd go to school anywhere. Distance will not be an issue.

"Notre Dame is one of the schools up north I want to check out," he said.

Poole also added that he could commit at any time. Just whenever the right situation presents itself.

"I'm looking for a good strength program, and a good offensive line coach," Poole said. "Those are the two primary things I'm looking for, because strength plays such an important part in my game." Top Stories