Lean White Tackle

Before attending Notre Dame's summer camp, offensive tackle/defensive tackle Pete White weighed in at 342 pounds. Irish offensive line coach John Latina gave the 6-foot-5 St. Johns College High standout, and one of the best players on the East coast in the class of 2009 a bit of advice.

"He said it will help my game if I lost some weight," White said.

Consider it done.

When Pete White returned from South Bend to his Washington D.C. area home, he and his father, who was a former Yale defensive end, started running laps at a local track.

"We started running two or three miles," White said. His weight has dropped down to 325 pounds. "That really helped, because my conditioning was a lot better this season, and I didn't have to come out of the game as much on defense. I always play every offensive play, but sometimes they had to take me out on defense, but not as much this season."

A starter on the offensive line since day one of his freshman season, White has already been offered by Maryland, Tennessee and Pittsburgh. Notre Dame, Florida, LSU, North Carolina, N.C. State, Virginia Tech, Rutgers and Florida State are a few of the many schools flooding his mailbox.

As St. Johns College High finished 8-2 this past fall, White had 59 pancakes and no sacks allowed. He also had 40 tackles and one sack. College programs like White on both sides of the ball, but if he has his choice, he'll stick to offense.

"He's been getting more aggressive as blocker," head coach Joe Patterson said. "Obviously his power, but he's pretty nimble. He's able to move around very well, and he's got good pass sets.

"I think he'll end up being an offensive guy in college. At the high school level, he's a great run stopper. He always demands a double team."

White reported a 2.8 GPA. He can bench press 380 pounds, squat 500, and runs the 40-yard dash in 5.3. Other than Notre Dame, he has been to Maryland, Penn State and North Carolina.

"I like Notre Dame," White stated. "It was a beautiful campus. I like the history. I like the team. I really didn't follow Notre Dame that much over the past the couple years, but I've always liked their tradition."

He also liked Latina a lot.

"I thought he was a real good coach," White said. "He loved what he was doing and seemed to have a real good knowledge of the game."

White thought about making a verbal commitment before his senior season, but now he isn't sure. It's also too early for him to name any favorites.

"I'm looking for good academics," White began. " A good environment. A good football program. A lot of tradition."

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