Wooden has a full slate of visits scheduled

<P>I spoke with Baltimore, MD prospect Ambrose Wooden last night. This star player stars on both sides of the ball playing quarterback and defensive back. Wooden has set all 5 visits and is concentrating on his season. </P>

Ambrose Wooden is having a fine senior season. His team is 8-0 right now and heading towards the playoffs. Wooden has 2200 yards in total offense so far. He has 900 passing and 1300 yards rushing while scoring 27 touchdowns for his team.

Ambrose has also managed to find time to set all of his official visits. "I am going to visit Boston College on November 16th. I then go to Notre Dame on December 6th, Penn State on December 13th, UCLA on December 20th and Stanford on January 10th. Those are not set in stone yet. I might make a change and visit Virginia Tech. I haven't decided on that yet."

Ambrose is such a fine athlete that he can play on either side of the field. I asked Ambrose which position most schools are recruiting him for. "Most are recruiting me for defense. I don't mind playing defense at all but I am enjoying playing offense this year. If I can't play quarterback, I might like a chance to play receiver. I will play where they want me to play but I am enjoying playing offense this year."

I asked Ambrose if he had a leader at this point. "No, I don't really have a leader. I have been trying to take a break from recruiting so I haven't been taking many calls. I have been focusing on my homework and my season. I haven't really been talking to a lot of coaches. I am just going to take my visits and then decide which team is the best fit for me." Is Ambrose going to take all 5 official visits? "Yes, I am sure I will take all 5."

Comments. Ambrose looks like he is pretty wide open at this point. He appears to be set on taking all of his visits and may the best team win. I have a feeling that team is going to be Notre Dame.

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