Wells Visits Notre Dame

Gainesville, Ga. defensive end Keith Wells visited Notre Dame this past weekend and we caught up with Wells to find out about his visit. Did the Irish improve their chances with Wells?

"The visit was great," said Keith Wells of his trip to South Bend this weekend. "I had a great time. I'm dead tired, but I had a lot of fun."

Wells had mentioned to Irish Eyes previously that a big part of his decision will be how he fits in with his future teammates. We asked him his thoughts on the Irish players.

"I think I fit in real well with the players," he said. "I felt real comfortable with them. I feel like I connected with them. They were all cool guys. Brian Smith was my host. I really got along well with everyone."

The Irish players weren't the only people who made Wells feel comfortable. He also got quite the greeting at the Irish basketball game last night.

"At first I didn't know they were chanting my name, and then Milton nudged me and told me they were chanting my name," Wells said. "The whole student section was doing it. That was great. That was real cool."

"Milton" is Milton Knox, a California running back also on the trip with Keith.

"I hung out with Milton the whole time," said Wells. "He's a real cool dude. I had a lot of fun with him. He made me laugh."

The Irish coaching staff also made a strong impression.

"Notre Dame made a lot of progress on this trip," he said. "I got to meet all the coaches, and I really liked them a lot. We watched a lot of tape and they showed me how they'd use me. I think I can come in early and play there. They certainly don't have a problem playing freshmen. I was really impressed with the coaches and everything."

We asked Wells if there was one thing that would be a negative for Notre Dame.

"If there's any downside it's that Notre Dame is kind of a small school," he explained. "There are only 8,200 students. I'm from Atlanta and Notre Dame does kind of have that small town thing, but I don't think that will affect it a whole lot."

Wells says he plans to make his final decision in the next few days.

"All schools are pretty even right now," he said. "Notre Dame definitely has a shot. I plan to make my decision in the next 24-36 hours. I just need to evaluate some things and think things over."

Does he plan to have a Press conference? "No. It won't be anything big," he said. "I'll just call all the coaches to the school I'm not going to and call and thank them, and then I'll call the school and commit."

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