Incorrectly Stereotyped

College programs heard about the ridiculous numbers Steelton-Highspire High running back Jeremiah Young was putting up, but they weren't sure about his size. They were also short on tape of the Pennsylvania standout. All of that is beginning to get sorted out.

"Some of the schools that have come in were under the impression that he's a small kid," head coach Rob Deibler said. "They thought he was 5-8, 160. He is 5-10, 190."

While college programs may have had questions about Young's size, they can't question his stats.

One of the best running backs on the East Coast in the class of 2009, Jeremiah Young ran for 3,344 yards and 41 touchdowns this past fall. He set the Mid-State rushing record, breaking the previous mark set by LeSean McCoy. Notre Dame, Boston College, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Tennessee, Virginia and Rutgers are a few of the many programs showing interest.

Heading into his senior season, Young has 6,235 career rushing yards. If he continues at the pace he is at, Young will easily break James Mungro's state rushing record of 8,432 yards. He set an all-time rushing record in the Class-A title game with his 45 carry, 292-yard, four touchdown performance against Serra Catholic.

"He's real fast, but his vision is what jumps out for me," Deibler said. Young reported a 40-yard dash time of 4.47. "Sometimes it seems like he can see behind him. He has that knack you don't see in a lot of great backs."

Young also played a little strong safety, and returned an interception for a touchdown. He is waiting on his first scholarship offer.

"He's going to get a few that I've heard of from the coaches, but most are waiting until after the senior signing day, Deibler said. "I've talked to some coaches on the side and he's going to get some soon. He was under the radar a bit because a lot of the requests for tapes are going out now. A lot of the stuff was just sent out or will be sent out this week."

Notre Dame's copy of Young's video will be one of the tapes going out this week. The Irish staff sent a questionnaire, a request for film and a video about their program to the school. Notre Dame has also been flooding Young's mailbox. One letter was an invite to the school's Feb. 24th junior day.

"I don't think I'll have the transportation," Young stated.

"They sent me updates throughout the season," he added. "They sent me invites for unofficial visits to their school."

Young, who has a 3.6 GPA, is very interested in seeing what Notre Dame has to offer.

"Because they had kind of a down year, I think maybe this year coming up they should do better, and maybe I can help them out," Young explained. "Plus the academics. They graduate a high percentage of their student athletes."

Young wasn't able to take Notre Dame up on any of the game invites, but he did make it to Pittsburgh and Penn State for unofficial visits.

"I liked Pitt, it was nice," Young said. "We got there kind of late, so we just watched the game. The game was cool. Their fans were in it. I think they should've won by more than they won by, but I still liked it.

"Penn State was good," Young said. He attended the Iowa game. "I liked Penn State because we got there on time, so I got to go in there and meet the coaches. They seemed real nice. They had some food, and the food was bangin. I got to visit this history floor and they showed me what was what, and all the records they have. I got to the pre-game and saw them warming up, and the fans gave us a warm welcome. The students were yelling Jeremiah, (and prep teammate) Jordan (Hill) come to Penn state. We need you."

Notre Dame also has Young's teammates Jordan Hill and Lloyd Hill on its radar.

"Lloyd Hill is our 6-2, 290-pound defensive tackle," Deibler said. "His feet are amazing for a guy his size. Jordan may end up being a bigger recruit than Jeremiah. He is 6-3 ½, 260, and can play linebacker and fullback."

And like Young, schools are just starting to learn about them as well. As college programs get a chance to evaluate Young's film, one thing is for sure.

"He's going to be a very busy young man over the next couple months," Deibler stated. Top Stories