2008 Signees: Offense

Today marks the first day recruits from the 2008 recruiting class can make it official. Here are the list of offensive players who are expected to sign with Notre Dame today.

The Irish are expected to sign one of their best recruiting classes in a decade on Wednesday. Nobody is sure where this class will eventually rank in the national rankings, but the consensus is the Irish will definitely sign a top five class and could contend for the top class when all is said and done. Here is a list of the offensive players expected to sign today.

More importantly the Irish are expected to sign a very balanced class with plenty of "star power." The Notre Dame coaching staff addressed their needs very well, signing 23 players, and look to be adding the type of talent that will contend for BCS games in the future.

Dayne Crist (5-star)
(U.S. Army All-American)

Height/Weight: 6-4, 225
Hometown: Sherman Oaks, Calif. (Notre Dame High)
Position: Quarterback

Other Schools Considered: USC, Stanford, Florida State, LSU, Michigan and Oregon

Head Coach's Comments: "He's just an outstanding player," Kevin Rooney stated. "He's got all the physical tools and mentally he's very bright. Very competitive. He's very highly motivated to do whatever's necessary to make himself a great player. One of the best players we've ever had here. He really worked hard at improving himself over the time he was here and he's developed into a heck of a player.

"He's just a good guy. Just friendly. He's like a coach on the field. Not having him here to help direct things will be tough. He's confident and a great leader. I'll miss those things about him."

Senior Year Stats:

134-of-232 passing (57.8 percent), 2,178 yards, 16 TDs, 1 INT
81 carries, 454 yards (5.61 avg.), 4 TDs

Jonas Gray (4-star)
(U.S. Army All-American)

Height/Weight: 5-11, 214
Hometown: Beverly Hills, Mich. (Detroit Country Day)
Position: Running Back

Other Schools Considered: Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State, Florida and Louisville

Head Coach's Comments: "I think Jonas is a kind of a rare combination of speed and power," Dan MacLean said. "He's got the ability to run you over and the ability to run by you. You miss on him and there is always the potential he can take it 70 yards. He also has the ability to do the dirty work, get those five-yard gains and get those first downs. He just continues to get better.

"He's a fantastic kid. Great leader. He's a very personable guy. He is a really mature kid in just the way he handled the recruiting process. He has an excellent sense of public relations. It's not phony.
"He and Kenny Demens, Jonas in particular, these guys did a great job handling all the distractions and turning them into positives. As a head coach you always worry about how it's going to effect your team, and it was quite the contrary. I think Jonas is going to take off from here, and Notre Dame is a great choice in that regard."

Senior Year Stats:

Gray ran for 2,390 yards and 31 touchdowns. He also returned two kickoffs for touchdowns, and had one receiving touchdown.

John Goodman (4-star)
(U.S. Army All-American)

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Ind. (Bishop Dwenger High)
Position: Wide Receiver

Other Schools Considered: Michigan and Indiana

Head Coach's Comments: "John Goodman is the type of football player that may come around once in a high school coach's career," Chris Svarczkopf said. "He is a great competitor and a tremendous athlete, able to do just about anything on the football field. Additionally, his character and passion for the game elevated the play of everyone on the team."

Senior Year Stats:

(Goodman played quarterback his final prep season.)
95-of-175 passing (54 percent), 1,697 yards, 16 TDs, 2 INTs
98 rushes, 525 yards (4.8 avg.) 4 TDs
7 rec, 199 yards, (28.8 avg.) 3 TDs
8 kickoff returns, 191 yards, (23.8 avg.) TD
22 punt returns, 309 yards (14.0 avg.)
28 tackles 2 INTs (defensive back)

Michael Floyd (5-star)
(U.S. Army All-American)

Hometown: Saint Paul, Minn. (Cretin Derham Hall)
Position: Wide Receiver

Other Schools Considered: Ohio State, Minnesota, Florida, Michigan and Iowa

Head Coach's Comments: "You saw him play in the (U.S. Army All-American) game," Mike Scanlan stated. "You can make your own words up there. This is a real good kid. I don't know if he is going to go in and immediately have an impact, but this kid will be playing next year for them.

"As good an athlete that he is, I think he's a better person. He has no sense of entitlement. I think given the notoriety he has, it would be easy for him to get that high school swagger. I don't know if modest is the right word, but he certainly doesn't seek the spotlight out as someone in his situation might."

Senior Year Stats:

56 catches 1221 yards, 17 TDs
44 carries 436 yards 3 TDs
16 punt returns, 4 TDs

Deion Walker (4-star)
(Under Armour/ESPN All-American)

Hometown: Christchurch, Va. (Christchurch School)
Position: Wide Receiver

Other Schools Considered: Penn State, Florida State, North Carolina State, USC, Florida, LSU, Tennessee and California

Head Coach's Comments: "When he came to our school as a junior, we had a pretty good team that year," Ed Homer said. "We had some talented kids. I knew from his Dad he had success in football. One of his buddies was a senior at the school. When we got out there the first time, I saw athletically he was pretty special. He has great speed, jumps real well and has great hands.

"Off the field he is a great young man. One day, one of the young kids that goes here was walking around crying, couldn't find his Dad. Deion was just Deion. It was the kid's first year here, didn't know his way around and he couldn't find his father. Deion helped him find his father. The young kids look up to him on campus. We were excited to have him and I'm very excited for him and his future."

Senior Year Stats:

Walker missed a lot of his senior season with turf toe. 47 receptions, 732 yards and 8 TDs as a junior. Also had 31 tackles and 8 INTs (defensive back).

Joseph Fauria (4-star)

Hometown: Encino, Calif. (Crespi Carmelite High)
Position: Tight End

Other Schools Considered: UCLA, Stanford, Arizona State, LSU, Nebraska, Oregon

Head Coach's Comments: "I think he has a great energy about himself," Jeremiah Ross said. "He commands a presence. He is 6-foot-7 255 pounds, so right there he commands a presence. He plays fun, plays hard, big playmaking ability with the big target to go up and get footballs and stuff like that.

"I think just the fun," Ross added about what he'll miss. "He was a fun loving kid. Just his energy. A lot of that kind of brought out flat out confidence in the other kids. He just really enjoys the game.

"I think he'll be successful in the fact, he's got that football in his bloodlines. That's what he is, he is a football player. That's what he is. I think he has intangibles, soft hands, good athlete for the size he is. As his body continues to grow and put on weight, I think he'll be a very successful collegiate player."

Senior Year Stats:

35 rec. 516 yards, 8 TDs
28 tackles, 5 sacks

Kyle Rudolph (5-star)
(U.S. Army All-American)

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio (Elder High)
Position: Tight End
Other Schools Considered: Ohio State, Michigan, Boston College, Tennessee, Virginia, Wake Forest

Head Coach's Comments: "I think the first thing about him, obviously he is a great football player, but I think he's a better person," Doug Ramsey said. "As people there get to know him better, they'll find out he is a team guy. He wants to win and that's the main focus. You look at a guy like him, a guy that big, he only caught 37 passes, but we had two other receivers in the same range and we run the ball quite a bit. He was a big part of our run game. We ran behind him. It's all about getting on the field competing and winning games for him.

"In the Army game, he had about six or seven pancakes. He can do so many things. He knows how to use his body in crowds to catch the ball. He can run with it after the catch. He can do so many great things.

"You give him a job, and that's what he's going to do."

Senior Year Stats:
37 catches, 667 yards, (18.1 avg.), 11 TDs

Michael Golic Jr. (3-star)
(U.S. Army All-American)

Hometown: West Hartford, Conn. (Northwest Catholic High)
Position: Center/Guard/Long Snapper

Other Schools Considered: Connecticut.

Head Coach's Comments: "Mike's done a tremendous job here at Northwest Catholic the last four years academically, athletically and socially," Michael Tyler said. "He is very highly admired by faculty and the student body. He is just a wonderful person who treats everybody with respect and dignity.

"Obviously his athletic exploits speak for themselves. He's been a great leader on the football team. A two-year captain, and he was a great leader on and off the field. He is a great leader in everything he participates in. The Norwest Catholic community has been blessed to have him here at the school the last four years.

"I feel he will be very successful at Notre Dame in football and in all aspects of the Notre Dame community, and obviously in his life. I'm sure he's going to continue in the same road he's been taking. We're really going to miss him here at Northwest, but we know he's going to do a great job at Notre Dame. We're very, very proud of him."

Braxston Cave (4-star)
(Under Armour/ESPN All-American)

Hometown: Granger, Ind. (Penn High)
Position: Center

Other Schools Considered: Michigan

Head Coach's Comments: "The first thing you look at, he has Division-I size," Cory Yeoman said. "His physicality, he is a very physical player. Extremely strong. The thing that really kind of sets him apart is he moves his feet extremely well for a big kid.

"I've known him since he was a little boy. Watching him grow up, it looked like he had the body type to grow. Watching him play other sports you knew he was athletic. He continued to grow and could move a little bit, and he loves the game and likes to work at it.

"You see guys that are big when they're young. And you see guys that are athletic when they're young. Then you have a guy that has them both, and he is passionate about the game."

Lane Clelland (3-star)
(U.S. Army All-American)

Hometown: Owings Mills, Md. (McDonogh School)
Position: Offensive Tackle

Other Schools Considered: Michigan, Nebraska, Northwestern, Florida State, Maryland, Penn State and Florida

Coach's Comments: "He would train all summer, train all year," McDonogh offensive line coach Mike Damico said. "And he would wrestle. He always had a pretty good motor. He's a state champion in wrestling. Great hands. He uses his hands well.

"His size. Being 6-5, 270 pounds that can run a 4.9 with long arms. He has very good technique, and can move his feet.

"We're going to miss his leadership. Just his physical presence. Just demonstrating all the drills. I've been coaching him for four years, he knew everything. He would help all the younger guys and the second string. His work ethic, his willingness to learn, never give up and keep getting better each day.

Trevor Robinson (4-star)
(U.S. Army All-American)

Hometown: Elkhorn, Neb. (Elkhorn Secondary School)
Position: Offensive Guard

Other Schools Considered: Nebraska, Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin and Boston College.

NOTE: Milton Knox may sign with the Irish today so we've included a short profile for him as well.

Milton Knox (4-star)

Hometown: Van Nuys, Calif. (Birmingham Senior High)
Position: Running Back

Other Schools Considered: UCLA, Florida, Colorado, Oregon and Florida State.

Senior Year Stats: 2,210 yards rushing and 39 touchdowns.

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