A Hill Of A Player

Since his junior football season ended at Steelton-Highspire High, Jordan Hill has been getting mail from a new school each week. That's on top of the letters that were already coming from several other college programs all over the country.

Penn State, Boston College, Rutgers, Tennessee, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Michigan State and Notre Dame are among the many programs sending literature to the 6-foot-3 ½, 265-pound versatile prospect. Playing defensive end, middle linebacker and fullback, Jordan Hill helped lead Steelton-Highspire to a Pennsylvania state championship this past fall.

"Interest has really picked up here the last couple weeks with his tape going out," head coach Rob Deibler said, adding Notre Dame should get their copy this week. "A lot of coaches have been in the last two weeks, and I think when they see how he looks physically, I think they're interested right away.

"He's about 6-3 ½, 265, and to probably play four or five different positions is rare in getting a kid that is that big and that athletic. I think he's going to be as big a recruit as we ever had."

This past fall, Hill had 17 tackles for loss and 11 sacks. He also had six rushing touchdowns, but mostly helped pave the way as the lead blocker for Jeremiah Young, another Notre Dame recruit that is on pace to graduate next year as the state's all-time leading rusher.

"Schools like how aggressive I am," Hill stated.

Hill is waiting for his first scholarship offer, but Pittsburgh, Boston College, Penn State, Connecticut and Rutgers have been in close touch. Almost every program likes him at defensive end.

"Penn State likes me at fullback, but they also like me at d-end too," Hill said.

Hill has been to Happy Valley, Pittsburgh and Rutgers for games. He will go to upcoming Junior Days at Penn State, Pittsburgh, Connecticut and Boston College.

"I like it up there," Hill said of Penn State. He was actually there for the Notre Dame game, and also the Iowa game. "It's cool. I like the fans.

"Pitt, it's a nice place." Hill attended the Syracuse game. "Everybody is young and I can tell they're coming up."

"Rutgers was alright, but it wasn't my kind of place.

"It's fun to experience all of this," Hill added.

One other place Hill would like to make it out to for Junior Day is Notre Dame. The Irish will have one on Feb. 24, and one sometime in March. The one next month will be a more idea time for Hill to make it. He was invited to the Boston College game this past season, but didn't have transportation to make it to South Bend.

"They are one of the ones I would like to visit because of the tradition, and they're on TV a lot, and known real well," Hill explained.

Hill can bench press 295 pounds, and squat 575. He reports a GPA of 3.5, and would like to make a college decision before his senior season, so he can focus on defending that title.

"I'm looking for how good they'll be when I'm there, how the coaches are going to treat me, and if I'll get a chance to play."

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