Thomas Williams fits the mold

<P>Every so often I have a rough night of calling. I keep dialing but nobody is home. I can't blame these guys because they do get called far too often. It was a pleasant surprise to talk to Thomas Williams last night. Williams is a linebacker prospect with probably greater prospects in life. </P>

The last time I spoke with Vacaville, CA's Thomas Williams, our conversation ended early because of a call he received from a college coach. "I'm really sorry about that. I don't like to cut anyone short but I needed to talk to that coach." Hey Thomas, they are much more important than me.

Thomas has had a great start to his season leading his team to a 6-1 record. "I am doing pretty well. I have 80 tackles, 11 sacks, 1 blocked kick and 4 pass break ups so far."

Williams has set most of his official visits so far. "I visit Notre Dame on December 6th, I have Nebraska on December 20th. I then have USC January 10th and UCLA January 17th. I am not sure who my last visit will be. I am still thinking about that." I asked Thomas if he was going to wait and see if he needed to take that last visit. "Yeah, that is kind of the plan. I will wait and see if I need to take the last one. I know I will visit USC and UCLA because I haven't seen the behind the scenes stuff at each school. I haven't had the chance to see how each team operates and what life is like at each school."

Thomas said his Mom plans to go on each visit with him and I asked him what he and his Mom were going to be looking for on these visits. "I guess we will be looking for the right environment for myself. I just want to feel comfortable there with the coaches and the players."

Thomas has never been to Notre Dame so I asked why he is interested in Notre Dame. "Notre Dame speaks for itself. They have a great tradition. I also think I will have a good chance to play early there and the Notre Dame degree speaks for itself. I can take that degree and get a job anywhere after football."

I ended the conversation wishing him luck with the remainder of his season and thanking him for always taking time to speak with me. "Thanks so much for calling and thank you for being interested in me."

Comments. Thomas hasn't officially received an offer from Notre Dame yet. I am one guy that hopes he gets one. I have no idea how good he is as a player but he certainly has the right attitude Willingham is looking for. I hope he gets an offer. If he does, I think Notre Dame has a great shot. Top Stories