Keep It On The Down Low

Nick Kasa was in the dark while everyone else was in the know.

Last Friday, Nick Kasa's Legacy High head coach Wayne Voorhees told him to come to his office at 11:45 a.m., because Notre Dame wanted to talk to him.

"I was thinking they were just going to tell me they were interested and to keep it up," the 6-foot-7, 250-pound defensive end from Broomfield, Colo. said.

Kasa, a top-100 recruit, got to his coach's office on time, and had to sit around and wait like he was in a doctor's office. All of a sudden his parents walked in.

"I was like why are you here," Kasa said. "And they kind of smiled. I knew then something was going on. Then my coach had me call (Notre Dame) and they put Charlie Weis on the phone, and he said he had an offer letter in the his hand and if I'm interested he'd give it to me."

"I was like of course."

Kasa now has offers from Notre Dame, Florida, Nebraska, Colorado, Colorado State, Kansas State, Iowa State, Utah, Oregon, Arizona State, Oregon, and most recently, Miami on Tuesday.

"They've always been on his list," Voorhees said of Notre Dame. "I didn't tell him ahead of time that he was going to get offered, just to see what his response was.

"He was pretty excited. Obviously he is a Catholic boy. He was supposed to go to the Catholic school down the road, Holy Family, but ended up going to the bigger school with more notoriety."

Now Kasa has an opportunity to attend the most well known Catholic school in the world.

"They're definitely one of my top five," Kasa said. He knows a little bit about the school, but is going to start learning more.

"I know just how if you don't make it in football, there is something else there for you. If you graduate from there it means something, you'll get a good job after that, it's a good education.

"I'm planning to go see what they're all about. I'm definitely planning to take a trip up there sometime."

This past season, Kasa had 63 tackles, 20 of those coming for loss including 8 ½ sacks. He also had a fumble recovery and an interception as Legacy finished 9-3 on the year.

It's not just Kasa's massive frame that has attracted some of the top college programs in the country including USC, who has been showing strong interest lately, but his amazing athletic ability. He is a sprinter on the track team, and was named to's All-Combine team at the U.S. Army National Combine which showcased some of the nation's best juniors back in January.

"Obviously his physical size, being 6-7 ½, 250, he was 235 and is getting thicker," Voorhees began as to why college programs love Kasa. He is also the school's sprinters coach. "The thing about it is his speed. He is a low 4.6 kid, he runs the 100 in 11.1. In our regional track meet last year, he was one spot away from making it to state. He came in fifth behind four other Division-I skill guys.

"The thing about it is, it's one thing to not run at him, but you can't run away from him either. Teams like to run counters and toss sweeps away from him, but he does such a great job of making the play from the backside. He does such a great job closing.

"That's just the run game. In the pass game if you boot away from him, he still has a good chance of chasing you down."

Kasa has taken trips to Colorado, Colorado State and Kansas State. He thinks he and his family will make some stops this spring and summer, and that he'd like to take a few official visits before verbally committing somewhere.

"I don't want to do what some of these kids are doing and verbally commit, and then have to change," Kasa said. "I don't want to be like that.

"Right now I kind of like the coast schools because I like the beaches and stuff. But that's not really a big part of my decision. I don't really know what I want yet. I really like (head) coach (Dan) Hawkins here in Colorado. I've always liked the Gators, and USC and how good their tradition is over there. Also my whole family grew up in Boston, so I really like Boston College too. I'm really not sure."

After Weis offered Kasa a scholarship, he told him to keep his grades up and score well on the ACT. Kasa has a 2.65 GPA, but it looked more like a 2.3 at the start of the year.

"I've had almost straight As the entire year," he said. "I kind of screwed around my freshman and sophomore year."

As a young child, Kasa and his family would drive by Notre Dame on their way to Cape Cod. He vaguely remembers, but hopes to trip to South Bend in the future. Maybe Kasa will be the last one to know he is headed to Indiana as well.

"They were all laughing at me, but it was good though." Top Stories