Still On The Board

When the Notre Dame staff is sitting around discussing quarterback recruits in the class of 2009, Ryan Mossakowski was told by Irish assistant coach Ron Powlus that his name still comes up.

"That's kind of exciting to hear," Mossakowski said.

Ryan Mossakowski's name likely pops up during a lot of staff meetings across the country. The 6-foot-4, 203-pound signal caller from Frisco, Texas holds scholarship offers from Arizona, Auburn, Kansas and Nebraska. Besides Notre Dame, heavy interest is also coming from Texas A&M, Clemson, Colorado and Oklahoma.

Mossakowski and Powlus have been talking periodically.

"We just pretty much talk about how things are going up there," Mossakowski said. "I haven't been able to get a hold of him too much. He's been kind of busy. We've just kind of talked and gotten to know each other a little better.

"I've heard many great things about Notre Dame. Along with the tradition and obviously the coaches there, it's just a school that I bet a lot of people want to go to and not a lot of people have the chance to. Even to have a slight chance is cool. I'd really enjoy going to see it and all that fun stuff. I'd like to see how I like it."

Attend a Centennial High football game on Friday night, and you won't see your traditional smash-mouth high school contest. With Mossakowski calling the signals, they air the ball out 50 to 55 times a night.

College recruiters definitely get to see a lot of evidence, when watching a game film of Mossakowski's. This past fall, he threw for 3,029 yards and 19 touchdowns. He had a completion percentage of 58 percent, and was intercepted 13 times.

"I'd probably have to say my frame probably helps a little bit," Mossakowski said of what college programs like about him. He runs the 40-yard dash in 4.8 seconds. "I have pretty good footwork, I have good vision of the field. I can make quick decisions when I have to, and I read defenses pretty well. I'm a leader on the field, you can tell by the way I play. They probably like the fact that I pass, hopefully they do."

With the four offers and strong interest from some of the top schools in the country, it appears that they do.

A pretty good baseball player, Mossakowski has been too busy with that to visit any schools. That's about to change. This week he will check out Texas A&M, where he is expected to get offered, and next week it will be Auburn. The first week of April, Mossakowski is going to Oklahoma, followed by treks to Kansas and Nebraska. Even without an offer, he'd like to get up to Notre Dame sometime.

A college commitment could come at anytime for Mossakowski, who is also getting a few letters regarding baseball."

"School wise, obviously education is first," he said. "Second of all, I'm looking for the chemistry, the relationship me and the coaches have, and the players. I'm hoping when I visit these schools, I get a certain vibe I don't get at these other schools. When I feel that vibe, that's probably when I'm going to commit and all that fun stuff."

Mossakowski has a 3.99 GPA, and has thrown for 6,088 yards and 36 touchdowns in two seasons as the starter. He has added 18 rushing scores. Top Stories