"Tough, Rough and All Business"

Clayton Moore's personal quarterback coach Scott Lindsey, sent out a highlight tape of the standout signal-caller from Mississippi to all the top college programs in the country. Apparently Notre Dame just recently came across their copy.

Up until last week, Clayton Moore hadn't even received a single letter from Notre Dame. But after assistant coaches Bernie Parmalee, Ron Powlus and John Latina sat down and watched footage of the 6-foot-2, 205-pound passer with seven scholarship offers, Parmalee quickly got in touch.

"He told me they looked at it, and said they gave it a go to offer and put it on (head coach Charlie) Weis' desk," Lindsey said. "They said he's the real deal and we have to get him. I guess it's up to the big man."

It's also up to Moore's transcripts.

"What I heard from them is they want my transcripts," Moore said. "They said they want to make an offer but they want to take a look at my transcripts before they offer me. They watched my highlight film and liked it, and said they're going to make an offer for me if I have good enough grades."

Moore reported a 2.8 GPA, and an ACT score of 17. A copy of his transcripts will be faxed up to Notre Dame on Tuesday after the completion of the current semester.

On the field, Moore's numbers are certainly good enough. In helping lead Louisville High to a class 3-A state championship, Moore threw for 3,046 yards and 30 touchdowns. He used his 4.7 second speed in the 40-yard dash to rush for another 850 yards and 10 touchdowns.

At a combine over the summer in Orlando, Lindsey said that Moore earned top quarterback honors over big-time recruit Aaron Murray, who in fact holds an Irish scholarship offer.

Scholarship offers have come from Indiana, Nebraska, Southern Mississippi, Oklahoma State, New Mexico State, Bowling Green and Tulsa. Besides Notre Dame, interest is coming from Memphis, Ole' Miss, Alabama and Michigan.

"They say they like my toughness and my competitiveness," Moore said of what he's hearing from college recruiters. "When they watch the film, they say I'm fearless, and I like to hear that because that's how I play. I play tough, rough and all business."

Moore is kind of nervous about his current transcript, hoping it's enough for Notre Dame to throw its name in the hat for his services.

"I think I should do alright," Moore stated.

"An offer from Notre Dame, that'd make my year," Moore said. "Notre Dame, that's a really good school, a lot of tradition. If they offered me, I'd be really happy. I'd jump up and down and tell everyone and do back-flips, and I can't even flip, but I'd try."

"I know they got a real good coach in Charlie Weis. He's a magician on offense. I actually have a buddy that goes to school there, we go to the same hunting camp. He said it's a lot smaller than you think it is. I'd a thought it was a real big school, but it's a real small school. Not that that's bad or anything, I'm just saying."

Moore added that if Notre Dame does indeed offer him a scholarship, he'd take a visit to campus the first free weekend he had.

Being busy with baseball, Moore hasn't had an opportunity to see as many schools as he wants. During the football season, he attended games at Ole' Miss and Mississippi State. He went to junior days at Alabama and Southern Miss. This summer, Moore plans to hit the road and check out schools in search of the right one.

"When you look for a school, you look for a lot of things," Moore began. "The most important thing, I want to play early and have a chance to play. The right depth chart. I wouldn't mind getting red-shirted, but I want a chance. Then, just the relationship I build with the recruiting coordinator and the quarterbacks coach, and see how that goes. And in the end, where I feel the most comfortable at, whether that is 300 miles away from home, 100 miles, or five miles."

Moore is now aware that Notre Dame has signed a five-star quarterback in its last two recruiting classes.

"If Notre Dame offered me that'd be an honor," Moore said. "As far as that, it might matter but I doubt it. I'm not going to be afraid of competition. I want to play early. I said I'll wait until my sophomore or junior year, but when I get in there I'm going to try and play right away. Anywhere you go, any Division-I school, you're not going to be handed the job. Wherever I go, I'm going with the mindset to give 100 percent. If I start, I start. If I don't, I just want to know I gave my all."

Moore has uncles that played receiver at Clemson and Mississippi State. He can bench press 235 pounds, and squat 350 pounds. His teammate and top receiving target Dennis Thames is also being heavily recruited, with offers from the likes of Michigan and Ole' Miss.

Moore hasn't set a time table on when he wants to verbally commit somewhere.

"When the time is right, whenever I feel my heart is leaning towards somebody," he said. "I'm not going to hold out for the sake of holding out. If a school offers me the right fit, I'm not going to hold out. But if I haven't gotten an offer from a school I want, or haven't found the right place, I'll wait."

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